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Ikamva Ubomi Resource Centres

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Ikamva Ubomi is an organisation that focuses on education,skills and community development. Established in 2011, Ikamva Ubomi provides an infrastructure that is safe and conducive for learning and empowering the community. Resource centres are Ikamva's main projects, consisting of desktops and books to give basic access to learning materials. Education should be seen as a priority and with education, it has the power to change the world. Ikamva Ubomi wants to raise funds to build at least 3 resource centres in underpriviledged communities. Two expasions. namely the Belgravia and Maitland and a new resource centre at an boys' orphanage home in Woodstock. Your help will make a difference and will give people the neccessary tools to be skilled and to create sustainable and responsible lives and play their role in making communities better in future times. For just R20, we can assure the provision of adequate learning resources toa student. 


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Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Ikamva Ubomi

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Ikamva Ubomi is a community based outreach NPO established in December 2011 that aims to empower youth with employable skills, to teach them a sense of community development, crime prevention and most importantly giving our kids direction and opportunity. 

Ikamva Ubomi identifies projects in the communities where these Learners use their newly acquired skills and apply it. They are taught to give back to the communities that they come from. These projects include pensioners, churches, mosques, schools, etc. that are in need of repairs and maintenance. We also use skilled parents from the communities to teach the kids these basic skills. Small businesses aid by assisting us with finance, tools and other resources. Thus far, they have established over 25 resource centre in various underpriviledge communties. Ikamva Ubomi emphasises the importance of education. When a community has knowledge and skills, they have the power to be the pillars within their communities. Access to adequate resources and information must be seen as a basic human right.  Let us assist with their battle against unemployment,poverty, drug abuse and crime. We can only become what we are exposed to.