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Invitational Football Tour to Europe

Invitational Football Tour to Europe

Personal message

My daughter is a 16 year old talented hard working soccer player, who needs all the assistance to achieve a once in a lifetime opportunity with a soccer Tour of Europe.

This will help her develop and grow her skill for the sport. I have always had the passion and love for soccer. I have been inspired by some top football players last year on tour to Johannesburg representing KZN in the tournament. Soccer is not all about skill it teachers you a lot not only to do with the things you do on the field but also discpline in life in general. Quote"sucess is not given it is earned, on the field, with blood sweat and hardwork all the time" The breakdown of my cost for the Tour to Europe is as follows: travel costs, accommadation, insurance, taxes and all related costs which is a total expense of R41 600. I appeal to all sports lovers and any person with generous heart to help me reach my dream and goal for the tour of Europe next year 2019.    


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R 41 600.00

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