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Running for 300 days in 2012 to raise awareness, and funds, for street children in Pietermaritzburg!

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Name Comment Date Amount
Wesley Men's Breakfast Our thanks for all the support and donations. Feb 06, 2013 R 1 435.00
Mark Been a wonderful journey. Hope the street kid's of PMB are a little better off. Thanks to Pete, Dash, my family, and all our friends for the support. (SOLI DEO GLORIA) Dec 31, 2012 R 2 000.00
Roanne VERY PROUD OF YOU BOTH. Lots of love & hugs & kisses Dec 31, 2012 R 600.00
Anonymous Great job! Dec 28, 2012 R 200.00
Topup A great effort drawing to a close Dec 10, 2012 R 300.00
Lawson Flint Well done for all your efforts, Mark Nov 15, 2012 R 400.00
Logan, Michel and Luke well done so far, every step you run gives a child hope Sep 13, 2012 R 1 000.00
Anonymous Keep it up! Amazing dedication from you guys. This is tougher than anything I've ever done. Jul 27, 2012 R 500.00
Anonymous You guys are doing such important work! Keep going, all around the world. Love, a friend Jul 07, 2012 R 5 000.00
Wardrobe Rennaissance With love from the ladies :-) Jun 18, 2012 R 860.00
Carolyn Well done, and Good Luck for the rest! May 08, 2012 R 300.00
LOGAN, MICHEL AND LUKE GOD bless you every step of the way. May 03, 2012 R 500.00
Liz Liversage What an interesting challenge. Well done you two. May 02, 2012 R 300.00
Lorraine and Neville Flint Best wishes May 02, 2012 R 1 000.00
Anonymous Well done on seeing others through God's eyes and for opening our eyes too May 02, 2012 R 500.00
Dawn & Denis Wynn Keep it up guys. Have faith in your ability to finish strongly May 02, 2012 R 300.00
Delme, Kim and boys Well done guys. Keep it up. Soli Deo Gloria May 01, 2012 R 600.00
Anonymous Humbled by your dedication. Remember: you're supposed to walk at yellow fire hydrants.. Mar 26, 2012 R 300.00
Keith & Ruth Well run guys. Feb 13, 2012 R 200.00
Alf & Anna Keep up the great work! Feb 13, 2012 R 100.00
David Bennett Keep going guys! Saw you guys starting the first run after the service on New Years Day while visiting the my folks and felt I had to support this good cause - sorry its taken a month! Feb 01, 2012 R 300.00
Lesley Thanks for caring for these street children. God Bless. Jan 07, 2012 R 100.00
Mrs Grobler In memory of Bruce Grobler Jan 07, 2012 R 570.00
Neville+Lorraine Wishing you much success Jan 05, 2012 R 500.00
Mark, Jenny and Chloe Good luck Guys Jan 02, 2012 R 300.00
Logan, Michel and Luke we know you can do it! With love from the Schultz family Dec 30, 2011 R 500.00
Paul, Izzi & Sam Go guys. We will follow you from the UK with interest... Dec 27, 2011 R 300.00
Tony CWO for "300 days" to kick-start a worthy fund for ICare in PMB Dec 01, 2011 R 300.00
Lorraine and Neville Flint Best wishes Nov 30, 1999 R 1 000.00
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Donations to date

R 23 121.00

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 2 856.00

I Care

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I Care establishes relationships of trust with children, essential for further intervention to take place. I Care have Hope Centres in Durban and Johannesburg where the children’s basic needs are met i.e. medical, nutritional and emotional. It is a safe place to come to off the streets and it is from here we are able to begin their rehabilitation or reunification process.We also have a rehabilitation centre where the children spend 3 months changing their addictive natures. We then educate them and our ultimate aim is that they become effective members of society.