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Support Mental Health in SA Communities

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Personal message

Dear Reader,

It's with a heart brimming with determination and gratitude that I reach out to you today. You may have already caught a glimpse of my journey through the video I shared, but now, I wish to share with you my next chapter, a chapter that holds the promise of not only fulfilling a personal dream but also of making a tangible impact on the South African community we hold dear.

Out of a pool of 400 applicants, I was honored to be among the mere 6 individuals selected for a profound opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of psychology and become a beacon of hope as a clinical psychologist. This journey is not just about personal aspirations; it's about answering a call to serve, to uplift, and to heal. We have a great need for clinical psychologists in South Africa. There are only 2.5 psychologists per 100,000 individuals. 

For over two decades, my life's purpose has been intertwined with the fabric of our beloved South African community. From the frontlines as a paramedic, where the rawness of human struggle etched its mark upon my soul, to the role of a HPCSA Registered Counsellor, where I've had the privilege of offering solace and guidance in moments of profound vulnerability. Each step has been a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, but also a reminder of the gaps that yearn to be filled.

The path to becoming a clinical psychologist is not just a career choice; it's a solemn commitment to stepping into the depths of human suffering with empathy, understanding, and expertise. It's a pledge to be a voice for those silenced by their own struggles and to be a catalyst for healing in a world often overshadowed by pain.

Enrolled in a rigorous and esteemed master's program in Clinical Psychology, I find myself faced with the daunting challenge of financing this endeavor. Tuition fees, accommodation costs, and daily expenses form a formidable barrier on the path to realizing this dream. But I firmly believe that with your unwavering support, this barrier can be surmounted.

Your generosity, whether through financial contributions, sharing my story within your networks, or offering words of encouragement, holds the power to transform aspirations into realities. Every gesture, no matter how small, is a beacon of hope illuminating the path forward.

I extend my deepest gratitude for the support and encouragement you've bestowed upon me throughout my journey thus far. With your continued support, I am confident that together, we can turn the dream of becoming a clinical psychologist into a reality a reality that not only enriches my life but also the lives of countless individuals within our beloved community.

For further information or to offer your support, please don't hesitate to contact me at 0825762070 or via email at [email protected].

Banking details

JC Wagner

Discovery Bank

Account number: 186 136 042 15

Branch code: 679000


Ref: SUNPsy & your name and surname

Thank you for believing in me, for believing in this dream.

With heartfelt sincerity and gratitude, Jacques


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