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Scholarship for Jayden with Albinism

Scholarship for Jayden with Albinism

Personal message

My name is Cleopatra Manyika. I am 35 years old. I leave in East London South Africa. I am the mother of the beneficiary Jayden Manyika who is 12 years old residing in Zimbabwe.

My name is Jayden Nokutendamunashe Manyika. I was born 12 June 2007 at Highfield polyclinic through a traumatic birth experience for my mother. One thing she noticed in the morning when it was light, having given birth in the middle of a power outage was l was very light, too pale and my hair was so white and handsome too. She immediately came to the understanding that l had been born with albinism. I don't like being called that because albinism is just a small part of who l am.

Albinism is a genetic condition (it came from both my parents). It means l didn't get melanin ( the thing that gives you colour to your hair, skin and eyes) and l sunburn easily. The bright light and sunshine hurt my eyes and skin. That's why l have to wear sunscreen and a hat outside.  When l look at things they are pretty hazy so l need eyeglasses to bring them into focus.

When l was conceived, my father and his family denied paternity. After birth and because of my condition they never accepted me to this day. I don't know them and they have never reached out for me. My mom is one hardworking person who has pushed to her limit to make sure that l get provision for my life and education. She left me in the care of my amazing and loving grandparents when she went to search for work in South Africa. I was 2 years old then. They have taught me that l am handsome, intelligent and above all most loved by God. I owe my character to them.

I have just received my grade 7 results. I worked hard for them. I would wake up at 4am to be in class at 6am till 6pm. I passed and got 5 units. I am proud of my achievement. I have been accepted at St Ignatious High School for boys. I passed the 2 interviews set. I loved the school and the testimonies about it. I want to go to that school. My grandparents want me to also go to that school but are unable financially. However, my mother, who is now a widow, says it will be a struggle to raise funds for the fees, uniforms and other requirements.

My desire is to be someone with a good social in our nation who will be able to assist many others with albinism and disabilities. We suffer shame and are broken emotionally by many others who do not understand the challenges we go through. I want to be a voice for these challenges in the few years to come.

I need your assistance for a scholarship or in any way possible to enable me to go to school.

Jayden has always shown that he is exceptional. He loves to read a lot. He also loves to play chess and is very good at it. As a mother, my desire is to provide for him and get him a good foundation. We always encourage him so that he has confidence and very high self-esteem.

This campaign will enable to fund school fees of the equivalent of R20 000 per term. Provide necessary utilities for the boarding school. 

The current school fees are equivalent to $1000 US dollars( 18000 rands) at St Ignatious Boarding School. 

If any additional fees are raised, we would like Jayden to see an optician for R5000 rands.   He would then be able to get spectacles for his eyesight and we would like to buy him SP50 sunscreen to protect his skin.

*As per the campaign creator's request, funds will be transferred directly to the school.*


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Jayden Manyika Study Cause

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My name is Cleopatra Manyika. I am 35 years old. I leave in East London South Africa. I am the mother of the beneficiary Jayden Manyika who is 12 years old residing in Zimbabwe.  I am raising funds to help cover his school fees.