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Business/family relief fund

Business/family relief fund

Personal message

Hello my name is Jayson MacMillan and I am raising money for my small business and my family.

I am raising funds to hopefully be able support and sustain my small business that I have recently started. I sell biltong and dry wors as a healthier snack option. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the current lockdown we are in I have lost my source of income. I  had recently received substantial stock but now am unable to sell it as it is aging and going very dry. I also need to support my children, sustain my living space and buy food and basic amenities.

I know that not everyone may be able to donate and support and I am grateful that people even just may take the time to read my plea for help. The fund will go to great lengths in helping balance the books to sustain our lives at this unprecedented time we are in.

If you are unable to donate but could possibly just share my story I would be beyond grateful and humbled for your time and effort.

I too would hopefully then be able to pay it forward and help someone else in the future, God willing.

Reaching my target would mean that I could pay for my rental, that I would be able to buy more stock, pay for my children's needs and also for my own needs at home.



Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Jayson MacMillan Support Cause

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Hello my name is Jayson MacMillan MacMillan and I am raising money for my small business and my family.