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Hi there, I am a 65 year unemployed old male who suffers greatly from two factors. Firstly my eye sight has been bad for a while and have found that I suffer from cataracts in both eyes. Can not see at night and in day time very murky. Secondly my teeth are mostly missing due to sadly years of neglect. Can only eat soft foods as I use my gums to chew. Being unemployed for years now, I am desperate for some financial help in this regard. The government system is very slow and extremely long waiting periods as in years. I have lost all my dignity and feel left out of society. Wife works to keep our rent and living costs going by the thinnest of margins possible.. Donations can be paid directly to the service provider i.e dental/eye specialists. Not sure of actual costs as I am not sure of getting donations. It has taken a lot from me to ask in this regard for help. I can provide proof of eye cataracts and pics (not nice) - of my teeth. A serious many thanks. Jeff


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