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Little one due May 2024

Little one due May 2024

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Personal message

We are Eddie and Jennifer, during the past few years where going through some really difficult times, we are both in the entertainment industry (kids entertainment) and was hard hit by lockdown, we have lost quite abit, including our car, accommodation and bookings, we also had some family trauma at the end of last year and more funds had to be spend on therapy, physiology, occupational therapy.

We have 3 beautiful girls aged 14, 10 and 9. We have recovered some what and I am currently seeking a part time employment to earn extra income. 

We had found out last month that we are expecting another addition to the family due in May 2024, it was unplanned. The implant my partner has, is, unfortunately ineffective thus, she fell pregnant. Due to our heavy losses the past 4 years we are in financial despair. We are able to pay the car, rent, utilities and groceries, but having a hard time saving for the new baby. We have managed to acquire a crib and car seat, we will be looking at pram next week. We have had 2 doctor's visits and baby is forming well and healthy, mom is also well and healthy. We are doing our best to visit clinics and will have to go the route of delivering at a public hospital. We have set the ball in motion.
I am currently fundraising as an entertainer at local restaurants on unbooked time where I can in the evenings and weekends. 
Due to the fast rise in the cost of living, I am struggling to keep up with a budget, however, I am not sitting still, even if there are no bookings I would still try and sell balloons or face paint at restaurants.
If we can add a buffer where the budget does not run away from us then we should be able to manage till the baby has arrived. Financial support is great but I wouldn't mind employment instead so I can continue to support my family after the arrival of little one. 
Any funds raised will be for the baby, to help lighten liad off the monthly budget and add a little buffer so we can financially move forward. We are coming into our peak season, and we will be ok doing Christmas presents for our girls and Stationery for January.
We thank you for taking the time to read our plea for assistance. 
Eddie and Jennifer.


Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

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Little one due May 2024 Campaign

Little one due May 2024 Campaign Logo

Hi everyone,

My wife Jennifer and I, both in the kids entertainment industry, faced tough times due to lockdown.

We lost our car, accommodation, and bookings. We've been dealing with family trauma, spending on therapy, and raising our three beautiful girls. Recently, we found out we're expecting another baby in May 2024, unplanned due to a failed implant.

Financially strained, we're struggling to save for the new addition. I'm working part-time and fundraising as an entertainer. We're managing essentials but need help for the baby and some financial stability. Your support means the world to us. Thank you.

Regards, Eddie and Jennifer