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Education student

Education student

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Personal message

Good day. 
My name is JoAné De Vos. I'm a 29 year old final year SP and FET student at CPUT Wellington campus and I need your help. 
Nsfas rejected my final year funding and for my first year I had no funding. Right now my debt from first year,2020 and current, 2023 which is my final year makes it impossible for me to get my academic record in order to register for SACE, which is a requirement for me to start working. Helping me raise the two years' funds will be paid directly to the university, which will help me get what I need from the university to be a qualified teacher. I am passionate about children thus I have pushed through regardless of current hurdle. I have heard from this organization through social and it thought I'd give it a try. Any evidence you need as proof that I am a current registered student, I am happy to provide. 

Kind Regards. 


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R 60 000.00

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Education student Campaign