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Pensioner Urgently In Need of Leg Caliper

Pensioner Urgently In Need of Leg Caliper

Personal message

My name is Cornelia Rudman (43) and I live in Alberton. I am raising funds for my father Johannes Steyn (72).

My father is a pensioner, and the damages caused by his broken full leg caliper are limiting his movement as it keeps breaking and he incurs injuries due to this. He recently had a malignoma removed from his good leg and has been battling to support himself as his disabled leg cannot hold his weight.

My Father has given me the best childhood any child could wish for and now it is time to give back to him as he is a strong man and it breaks me to see how he battles to get around. The leg caliper supports his back but due to not being able to fund a new one, his back and hip have been damaged to the point where he is constantly in pain, with nerves pinching, physical pains, migraines, chafing, etc.

How funds will be used:
To pay the Orthopedic Specialist to take x rays, do measurements and manufacture a full leg caliper that supports his back - R40 000 (quote approximately 10 years ago).
Built-Up boot for the right leg as it has to be in line with his caliper
Transport Scooter so that he can go to the shopping center, etc.

Your donations will mean that:
He will regain movement
He will have quality of life again
He can spend time doing things with his grandchildren (which at this point is VERY limited due to not being mobile) as he is constantly in bed and even battles to go to the bathroom.

*Funds raised will go directly to the Prosthetist*


  • Sep 03, 2019 - R 100.00
  • "Sterkte xx " - chantelle

  • Sep 02, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Oom is in my gebede en hoop dat al die nodige fondse ingesamel sal word. " - Leeuwyfie

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R 60 000.00

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My name is Cornelia Rudman (43) and I live in Alberton. I am raising funds for my father  Johannes Steyn (72) who is in need of medical attention.