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Justice for Nadia Stephanie Bond (8)

Justice for Nadia Stephanie Bond (8)

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Please help us get Justice for the Murder of our child and force the Authorities to include the Private Expert Road Crash Report we obtained into evidence presented in court. The SAPS, WCPO, Prosecutor and the National Director of Public Prosecutions are ignoring factual evidence of MURDER and refusing to acknowledge our concerns violating our Constitutional Rights and the Administration of Justice. As an average family they know we cant fight them without obtaining an Advocate which we simply can't afford.

The Authorities are supposed to do a thorough Investigation and prosecute the Accused killer of our child, yet we are faced with fighting with them about the GROSS incompetence into the Investigation and such a BLATANTLY incompetent SAPS road crash report that I believe it to be CORRUPT.

Nadia Stephanie Bond (8) was run down and killed on the 18th of September 2015, she was (and remains) such a beautiful little star, an outstanding achiever from a very young age she excelled in everything she aspired to, set her own goals and always exceeded them. She sang, danced, modelled and was an actress who participated in multiple international TV ads and Clothing Catalogues in Germany, UK, Indonesia, France, Saudi Arabia and Belgium. She had just completed an ad for South African TV (Robertson spice) and mere weeks before had tragic death she completed participating in the filming of Clan of the Cave Bear as body double for British Child Actress Kitty Peterkin - which was to be her first breakthrough into fulfilling her dream of becoming an International Child actress. But it would never be…

On the 18th of September 2015 our life as we knew it stopped… Our darling zestful little child, who lived life to the fullest, sowed everybody with such unconditional love, light and laughter, a child that filled our life with such an immense sense of joy and a love that can’t be described in words was run Brutally run down by the Drunk, Recklessly Speeding, Unlicensed  Bradley Gysman (19) – Nadia had been struck at a very high speed, virtually in front of the Gysman Residence and Day Care Facility, she suffered massive injuries including a fractured leg, fractured pelvis, fractured neck, multiple facial fractures and massive head trauma. The accused and his passenger reversed their vehicle, ignored and intimidated a eye-witness who was on the scene immediately calling for an ambulance and police they picked up my Grossly injured child, loaded her into their car and together with a third person they left the scene. Dropping her at the Local Clinic 20 minutes later.

The next day our world crumbled into the dark pits of agonizing heart ache and soul destroying sadness, our darling little child whom had spent so much of her short life doing good and bringing joy to others was declared to be brain dead. The horror of seeing her once beautiful big, bright, sparkling brown eyes, staring grey and lifeless, her petite little body torn, bruised and broken… the very thought still impossible to bare. But it was not the end of our horror, merely the beginning.

Over the  next weeks and months I soon realized that the SAPD (Police) investigation was not taking the nature of events serious, referring to her tragic death as an “accident” even though it was very clear that the circumstances under which she was killed deserved thorough investigation. The accused was only arrested after the vigilance of a nurse at the Clinic where she was dropped called for Security and the Police to stop the accused from leaving.

Yet the investigation was so poorly done, that the SAPS report is virtually void of any factual evidence available at the scene. The report contradicts every eye-witness statement, contradicts Internationally accepted trajectory science, contradicts medical evidence, contradicts Internationally accepted mathematical science and makes NO logical sense. The Private Experts that we appointed to do a reconstruction of events that led to our child’s death CLEARLY shows that she was run down INTENTIONALLY – our child was murdered, yet the NPA is ignoring us and evidence.

The accused and his friends have also never been charged for removing Nadia from the scene causing GROSS further harm to a dying child even though multiple witnesses were on the scene wanting to help her.

We are desperate to appoint an advocate to facilitate our communication with and force the Authorities to answer our plight. We will appeal any sentence less than murder to the Supreme Court. The intimidation we have faced and the total lack of Integrity with which our complaints have been dealt with MUST be exposed, the gross incompetence of the investigation MUST be exposed. No family mourning the Murder of their child should ever have to face what we have been forced to endure while desperately trying to rebuild our broken life.

It has brought me to fight against Drunk and Reckless Driving and the manner in which victims are dealt with. During our ordeal I have been contacted by numerous families who have suffered the same or similar and NEVER obtained closure – I will not allow this to become the “end” of my child’s sweet, innocent life and remain the devastation of our family.

Please support our cause to bring change in how Drunk and Reckless Driving Killers are investigated and prosecuted. Our child deserves more, her brothers deserve the TRUTH to find some sense of closure. Her mother and I cant live a life knowing that the TRUTH of her untimely, brutal and cruel death will remain concealed if we don’t act. With two sons in High School and another Studying at University our emotional and psychological life has never been allowed to recover, our Financial life has been destroyed – we can’t continue to fight this without your help, we know it wont bring her back, but it will bring Justice and help others to find closure too, and we will change the ignorance with which Drunk Driving Killers are prosecuted in South Africa.

I thank you for taking the time to read and God Bless your consideration to support us.


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Charlese Please remind me. I'm a proud ambassador Oct 13, 2017 R 102.82
Laurika Dink so aan julle!! Sep 29, 2017 R 210.00
Darryl Roberts I know it's not much - but will put in more next month as I hadn't budgetted for this. Hang in there John. Sep 11, 2017 USD $ 16.30
Chante Green Good Luck To The Bond Family.. Keeping Thumbs Aug 31, 2017 R 100.00
Denzyl de Jager Good luck Adrie. Aug 29, 2017 R 1 028.20
Tania Laat geregtigheid geskied Aug 29, 2017 R 110.00
Jansie Sterkte! Aug 28, 2017 R 205.64
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We established BADD after our own daughter, Nadia Stephanie Bond was Brutally Killed on the 18th of September 2015. The horrific ordeal has far reaching implications on any families life, we want answers, we want justice for her beautiful life, and more than anything we want the truth so that we can start the healing process... We are not alone, I have been contacted by many families facing a simular ordeal where victims have been left without any Justice. IT MUST CHANGE! Every South African is a potential victim. Together change can be forced.