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R 30 000

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Hi guys so I'm a mother of 2 struggling to get back on my feet for the past 3 years I've been through a lot most of my life started depending on myself at the age of 17 did casual jobs and odd jobs to survive I had my first child when I was 21 my second child in 2022 ive been looking for jobs but it's hard with having 2 kids and nobody to look after them as creches are expensive so I'm trying to raise enough funds to get back on my feet and put them in a creche so I can work and know that my kids are in a safe place it's not nice asking for strangers for help but I believe strangers help more than family so please if anyone is able to help me raise funds and donate all the donations will be put to good use for food and essentials as I just want the best for my kids Thank you in advance.


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R 30 000.00

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