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Hi there,im Dané a 18 year old daughter of a loving mother and father and sister(15).N month ago our house owner let us know he is not renewing our contract for our house we are renting from him/her.We have stayed in this house for 6 years already and now he is throwing us out.We have until the end of November to find a new house and move away.We have found the perfect new house to rent,but cannont pay the deposit.The rent is my mom's only paycheck a month.My mom and dad is workless,both at home everyday and are struggling finding a new job since 8 years ago.I would love to help my parents so that we can find peace in a new house as a family but we need help.The funds we are receiving will automatically go the new house for the first month off rent and deposit we have to give just so that we can get on ouer feet and start a new chapter


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R 20 000.00

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