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Keanan's Belgian School Tour

Personal message

The opportunity of a life time has been presented to Keanan Kasper; a grade 11 pupil at Stellenzicht Secondary School in Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is motivated, hardworking, kind and an energetic pupil with the voice of an angel with which he uses to serve his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

For his exceptional singing, drama and mathematical abilities he has been selected for an educational tour to their affiliated school, Don Bosco in Belgium during the 2018 September / October holiday.  This trip will grant Keanan the opportunity to join the Don Bosco School Choir in Belgium and learn about a different culture and schooling system.

Keanan will not be able to participate without financial help as his father passed away when he was just 3 years old; his mother has raised him single handily since. They have never had financial security but this has never stopped them from being active members of our school and church community, making an impact and touching others people’s lives through dedicated service.

Keanan is much loved and respected within his community and is the friendliest young man with a big heart. He can truly sing. Around Keenan there is never a dull moment and laughter follows him.

He’s been working hard making muffins to  sell them at his school in an attempt to raise some funds that would see him participating in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you for your contributions towards his dreams that he’s working so hard for.


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Keanan's Belgian School Tour

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Keanan has been offered the opportunity of a life time to go on a school tour to Belgium sharing his love for singing, drama and mathematics. We are hoping to raise enough funds to help him pay for the expenses involved as he is not financially able to do so himself. Let's help him reach his dreams!