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WJKA SA karate in Germany 2024

WJKA SA karate in Germany 2024

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Fundraising Target:
R 50 000

Personal message

All praise and honor goes to God.  He blessed Kiara with the chance to go to Germany to represent SA and it will be a fantastic opportunity to grow in her karate.  She is 13 years old and started in January 2023.  She has already obtained her first yellow belt and she has developed a genuine passion for karate.  She won a 1st place drawing competition where she drew Sensei Shaun from a photo.  Her confidence grows, she learns discipline, teamwork and enjoys her kata and kumite.
 I, as her mother, am immensely proud of her and want to offer her the opportunity to go to Germany.
 Because she is under age I would also like to accompany her because this mother's heart only wants to keep an eye on her children and keep them safe.  I know from my heart that she will do her best, train hard, and make us all proud.  However, I need your helping hands to make the dream come true. 
The money will be used for transport from Port Elizabeth in South Africa to Germany, flights, transport, accommodation, buses etc.
 Psalms 121:1-3 AFR53
 A PILGRIMAGE SONG.  I lift up my eyes to the mountains: where will my help come from?  My help is from the LORD who made heaven and earth.  He cannot make your foot stumble;  your Keeper cannot slumber.
 2 Corinthians 9:6
 But think about it: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly;  and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully
 10 Jabez called on the God of Israel with the words: "Pour your blessing on me, enlarge my territory, take me under your protection and keep evil from me so that no sorrow befalls me."
 God made happen what he asked.
 May God bless everyone 10/30/60/100 fold for every open generous hand.
 Thank you very much in advance.
 Greetings, the Blakeway trio.


Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

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SAJKA karate in Germany 2024 Campaign