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Working within different social development channels while studying Theology, Colleen Africa realised that she could lay the foundation that would help underprivileged individuals to improve their lives. Teaming up with like-minded individuals who shared her passion we decided to work together to relieve the suffering of vulnerable people who live in conflict situations and endure hardships daily. 

In August of 2019 Colleen Africa founded A MILLION REASONS TO DO GOOD NPC in order to fulfil her dream to create diverse opportunities for youth  development that would inspire, motivate, and equip the young people to achieve their full potential and become successful adults.  By abiding within organisational protocols which include safety, H.I.V., Aids and children’s rights, much could be done to bring positive change, encouragement and upliftment restoring hope, joy and laughter.

Focusing on the education of the youth we planned to empower them with essential life skills through the production and provision of Accredited Educational Programmes; Academic Support -Mathematics and Physical science; Victim Empowerment – Parental Skills and Youth programmes,  which are designed to enhance existing classroom curricula by specifically focusing on improving children’s literacy skills and knowledge. The programs are aimed at enhancing children’s academic achievements and instilling hope and ambition.

The use of our educational programmes for Grades 11 & 12, have the objective of motivating and inspiring the youth to complete their school education and aspire to study further at a university or a college in order to qualify for a good responsible job and take their place in society. We aim to instil confidence and guide young adults with our Accredited Education Programmes and our Grade 11&12 Educational programmes. 

The programmes were developed to encourage children to show increased interest and ability in reading which will benefit them academically, increase their attention span and promote strong analytical thinking. Higher aspirations for the future will become a driving force and their focus will be on completing high school and going to college, therefore attendance and participation in other school activities will increase.

Our focus is not only on the youth but is extended to diverse services which offer support and opportunities that will benefit people of all age groups enabling them to live a better quality of life. Parenting Skills; Gender Based Skills; H.I.V and Aids Awareness Programs; Feeding Schemes; Underprivileged; Pensioners and Children; Abandoned Children; Abused Women; Gender Based Violence Skills; Rape Victims; Handicapped Individuals; Disabled Individuals uplifting programmes; H.I.V. and Cancer patients. 

Our other campaigns are directed towards various needs and the underprivileged such as feeding schemes; hygiene packs; the supply of sanitary towels; provide help and relief to cancer patients; school shoe drives; the collection and distribution of new and second-hand clothes;  assistance for the homeless; assist with special needs of the epileptics. Our goal is to provide humanitarian relief where we can. 

The campaigns that we have launched were done without the support of sponsors. All the donations toward the success of our ventures came from our own pockets and the kindness and support of our friends and families.

Our Educational programmes were complete and ready to be launched. All we required to enable us to achieve our goals was the need of funding and sponsorship. Covid 19 Lockdown with the closure of schools brought our plans to a temporary halt and instead we concentrated on the feeding scheme and the supply of hygiene packs. However, we did manage to launch our (Victim Empowerment) Parental Skills and Youth Programmes which were met with great enthusiasm. 

One of the most challenging things we have faced as a newly registered Non-Profit Company is capacity building, i.e., the process whereby we obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to launch our projects complete effectively and efficiently. For these challenges we will have to rely solely on external funding. 

Another challenge is to retain staff and for certain projects employ temporary staff. There are very few people that are willing to work for a minimal or no remuneration for the work that they do. This also makes it difficult to find loyal workers that will dedicate their time and effort to the NPC for a very long time.