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Personal message

My name is Maxine and Koda is our 13-week-old Australian Cattle Dog. He was diagnosed with Parvo on Saturday morning and will need to stay at the vet for up to a week, possibly longer, depending on how he responds to treatments. He fell ill just shy of when his next vaccination was due.

Koda was a gift to our eldest daughter who struggles with mild anxiety and he has been a light in all our lives. We drove an 8hr round trip to pick him up and he has since has been the most amazing pup and addition to our lives.

We initially though Koda had an upset stomach as he was not experiencing any other symptoms other than diarrhea (no blood), was still drinking water and eating small amounts despite being sick. It was only when he started throwing up as well that we knew it had to be more than just a stomach bug.

We took him to the vet it was confirmed that he has Parvo. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment and his stay at the vet is very expensive. The cost is between R4000 and R7000 depending on the length of his stay. We are asking for slightly more to account for any further medication or treatments he may need.

Reaching our target means we can rest assured that we are able to pay the vet bills. He is getting the best possible care and we cannot wait for him to come home.


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Fundraising target

R 7 000.00

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Maxine Daly is raising funds for her 13-week-old Australian Cattle Dog, Koda. He was diagnosed with Parvo on Saturday morning, and will need to stay at the vet for up to a week.