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This is an initiative to help Kotyana S.P.S. The school is situated in the rural Eastern Cape, Elliotdale. This is one of the schools that does not have toilets for its pupils and teachers.

The kids are sent to the field whenever they have to use the bathroom; this exercise takes away a huge amount of their learning time as they have to travel to the fields and back. Teachers said they are scared that one day these kids will be attacked while going to the fields. The teachers use a toilet from a next-door neighbor. The school had toilets which were built more than 20-years ago and were long drops which are now full, posing a threat of disease.

The school uses an old shack to cook for the kids as they come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They have no library and the roof on their classrooms is leaking.

The school needs any amount of money in donations or equipment that one can spare.

*Funds raised will go to the company rendering the services/installing*

Ultimately, we need to raise funds for the following:
To build Toilets
To build a library
To install a new roofing
To build a kitchen
To build sporting facilities

But for now, we would like to at least build toilets for the children to use.

Your donation will ensure that:
The kids will be safe from harm, spend more time learning.

*Funds raised will go directly to the company who installs the toilets*


  • Jun 29, 2019 - USD $ 7.10
  • "Good luck" - Kgabo Mokgatla

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The school Kotyana S.P.S. situated in the rural Eastern Cape, Elliotdale is one of the schools that does not have toilets for its pupils and teachers.