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Guide visualisation tech challenges

Guide visualisation tech challenges

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Personal message

It is my passion now having been involved in over 60+ tech business initiatives, navigating tough terrains & this inspired me to craft these stories of tech challenges that we experience in our professional work life, it can weigh us down unless we can lean into the wisdom of others. 

I would like to get 20 stories narrated and put into Amazon. The monies contributed can greatly help me in getting it self-published.  
I believe that we all have unique and shared experiences.  I want to create an immersive experience for the listener.  A lot of people suffer from imposter syndrome and if there was a way to relate a scenario, situations and rather than being reactive, mindfully take a step back and journey through the pain to get to the other side.  
The power of storytelling can be impactful and a new way of learning solutions, approaches, tactics, and strategies to tech and business challenges.  This can create more stickiness within the minds of the listener and get them through their stickiness and realize there are possibilities if you look at things from different perspectives.  
I have to pay a sound engineer to get good quality background music and I have to invest in better equipment, so my audios are better projected. Hence I am asking for help in getting it packaged for Amazon, getting background music added with experienced sound engineers, and better equipment as I am able to earn from it.
Those who support me are able to get the visualizations for free. 
I will also be creating an eBook of the 50 stories, hence it takes many takes to get it good without editing for the narrations. Narrations of 20 is what i am aiming for.
\My files were large so I have attached links to view my content.  I would appreciate your support in helping others learn


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Guide visualisation tech challenges Campaign