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Cyst removal

Cyst removal

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R 25 000

Personal message

Im not a person to ask for handouts or help, Im always the person people come to for help, and it is very difficult for me to put my pride in my pocket and do this, I have been in severe constant pain since 22/09/2023, went to the dentist 3 days ago after being to a clinic and being checked out by a doctor, they took an x-ray and discovered a large cyst under my bottom teeth in my gums, i would opt to go to a public hospital, unfortunately they say that i can only attempt to make a booking in 2 weeks time, and they might beable to help me towards the end of october if not later, I cannot eat any solid foods and I cannot sleep, I have not been able to work because I have been on alot of different pain medication which only works upto 4 hours a dose, but even so I still have pain but its manageable with the meds, I have a 3 year old daughter I need to be a father to and provide for and it kills me that I can not do that. I was told that the surgery would be in the range of R25-30,000 and I just dont see it possible to obtain these funds alone.

This will be my 1st ever surgery, so im quite scared, but im more scared of having to sit months with this pain. I really dont know where to turn from here and after some research i found backabuddy, my hopes lie soely with this to get my life back to normal.
Thank you in advance to any who see my cause worthy of any donation*


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R 25 000.00

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Cyst removal Campaign