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Help a Young Filmmaker

Help a Young Filmmaker

Personal message

Hello, my name is Kyle, I'm 25 and I reside in Durban  I'm currently studying film and television at the Creative Arts College. Im a passionate filmmaker and I have many stories to share about my lovely country.

As much as I would love to pursue this career making movies,  due to me being unable to afford a decent camera,  I'm unable to  follow my dream of becoming a film maker and producing good local movies.  I'm in the process of writing a story which I hope to turn into a feature film in which I will enter into the Durban film festival, but  equipment is a burden and renting it only dampens my enthusiasm for this project and hinders the production cost. 

I would really appreciate it if you would help make my dream possible by helping by raising the necessary funds.   I would preferably need the equipment by December 2019, because I hope to start shooting and complete the entire production before the entries for the Durban Film Festival close.

I would simply need the funds to buy one of two cameras.

Sony NXCAM HXR  NX100 : R33 595
Sony A7 ii mirrorless camera:  R19 989

I'm willing to add the extra cost if I do get the full R22000 so that I could afford the first camera. Or I might buy the second camera and buy additional equipment such as tripods and if possible a microphone.

My hope is to turn this project into something that will benefit my city ,community as well as potential talent.  I also believe that this opportunity will help create more opportunities for jobs not only for me but a team of talented individuals, especially for our youth. 


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 22 000.00

Kyle Frank Camera Cause

Kyle Frank Camera Cause Logo

Kyle Frank, 25, a Film and Television Student from Durban, is fundraising for a camera to help him achieve his dream of becoming a South African story teller.