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Help Wolfie Live Pain Free

Help Wolfie Live Pain Free

Personal message

Although I have only had them for 5 months now (Jan 2021), they have taken up the biggest space in my heart; and it's for this reason I am reaching out for help. My heart aches that I am not financially able to ease the pain Wolfie is going through because of his dental condition. We went for a dental check-up and the VET said that he will need a good scrape as well as some tooth removals due to the severity of his build-up. He is unable to chew anything and I have to assist him to eat his food by blending it up or crushing his pellets into finer pieces. He has such a loving soul, pushing through each day. I want to give them a better-pain-free life; they were born in a puppy mill and kept on in dire conditions for unlawful breeding purposes (Puppy Mill) where they did not receive the love and proper care they needed.

I was still able to pay for the dental work when I rescued them at the time but due to the current covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, I have lost my income. I am not a type of person that can easily ask people for financial help and will do anything in my power to be able to do it on my own but life has pushed me to an edge where I can no longer keep it to myself. 

I am sharing this with you with a humble heart and with an abundance of appreciation.

If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to do.




  • Jan 14, 2021 - USD $ 24.33
  • "Best wishes! ️" - Inka

  • Jan 13, 2021 - USD $ 24.00
  • "Hope everything works out..xoxo " - Daphne Ruiters

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Dear Friends,

In 2020 I rescued two Pomeranian dogs, Wolfie (5) and Cindy (8). They were placed on my path for a reason, being 27 years old, not married; little did I know that they will be my rock, comfort and filling an empty space that was ones lonely during the toughest and most challenging time in my life.