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Lauren The Valentine Lady

Lauren The Valentine Lady

Personal message

Have you ever heard of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome? Lauren Stewart knows this all too well.

But who is she?

Fondly known as the Valentine Lady (because that’s her birthday), but sadly can’t say it’s happy because she’s riddled with seizures.

You see, the 3rd DPT vaccination she received when she was 6 months, turned her entire life upside-down. Even though her birth had a few challenges, nothing compared to having the rest of her life bogged-down with a disease that nobody should have to go through.

Lauren received an award for the brightest smile, but now her face shows missing teeth (this happened as a result of slow cognitive decline, loss of balance and epileptic episodes). Being rejected by many of her family members, and having to take on life at the tender age of 2 months, when her doctor made a statement that she would never be able to do anything. “Just make her happy and comfortable, as there’s nothing that can be done.”

But, Lauren proved the doctors wrong (and quite a few naysayers too).

She learnt to read, write, walk, and even had one of her art-pieces sold at the school auction. All thanks to using the Ketogenic diet that John Hopkins Hospital revived – but because of certain difficulties, Lauren could no longer be on the diet. This led to the return of violent, danaging seizures which she experiences up to today. In addition there are frequent episodes of  severe mood and behavior swings. She was never like this in her earlier years.  And it now severely limits her freedom of movement at home and socially.

But, there is hope for Lauren. As long as there’s life in her body, there is a possibility of regaining full cognitive abilities. And, it can be done through:

A Parent Training conference with The Family Hope Center & The Brainchild Fund starting on the 21,22,23 February 2020. The benefits will go beyond the PTC2020. For as long as it continues to improve her life.

The benefits:

1. Parent Training Conference: 21,22 23 Februaury 2020: Equips parent with the knowledge, understanding and skills to apply a range of therapies, and techniques to repair and heal damaged neurological conditions. 

2. Full Medical Assessment and Rehab Design Program (part of the PTC2020     outcomes)

3.  Special Diet & Nutritional Supplements (part of the PTC2020 outcomes.)

Conference cost                                                                       R17000.00 (Funds now raised)

Full medical assessment, with design and full support of a range of therapies. (Occupational, Cognitive, Nutritional and ongoing Professional Support Program.                                                                                   R60000.00
(This calculation is  based on the current USD /South jRand rate of exchange. )

Full medical assessment, with design and full support of a range of therapies:

  • Occupational
  • Cognitive Nutritional
  • And, ongoing Professional Support Program

Additional funding will be required for:

  • Specialized dietary requirements
  • Specialized nutritional supplementation
  • Support treatments

Support treatments include:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions
  • Cranio Sacral therapy
  • Hippotherapy (horse riding)
  • Hosting workshops to inform and educate other parents on options available
  • Travel and venue costs


Special Diet & Nutritional Supplements: R67000

[To provide exact costs at this time is difficult. However, based on past budgets of certain items, This is an estimated 6 month budget]

Total funding needed: R127000

(This calculation is based on the current USD /South Rand rate of exchange)



  • Feb 16, 2020 - R 300.00
  • "All the best John and Lauren. Keep up the good work" - Mam

  • Jan 27, 2020 - USD $ 15.00
  • "Your a true inspiration, totally amazing." - Mat davies

  • Jan 26, 2020 - R 1 028.20
  • "Dear John & Lauren, I'm your biggest cheerleader at the moment. May you achieve all the success with your campaign. Sterkte & lotsa love, hugz & blessings.???? " - Maz

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My name is Scharnell Harris, and I am raising funds for Lauren Stewart. Funds raised will be used for specialised  treatment and therapy  for severe seizure  control.