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My husband lost his job due to COVID, and suffered severe depression. Its been a struggle to live with and care for him while having to be the sole breadwinner in the family. We have 3 beautiful daughters our eldest is our foster child of 15 years, our biological eldest child is 14 and the youngest 9. Its hard to explain to them why we cannot have hot water and why we cannot eat as healthy as we are supposed to be eating. The cost of living in SA is at an all time high and everyone is suffereing. Family and friends can't help because they are stuffling themselves.
We need to pay our landlord R27000 by Friday 10th November 2023 or we will be evicted. He has already terminated the contract as of yesterday but we have no where to go. Our families do not have space for us and while my husband is not working we will not be able to afford to pay a deposit to move.
We love where we are living, we have just been struggling so badly that we were not able to pay the rent for the past two months.
I would hate to up root the girls, they are comfortable where they are and also they are starting exams soon and this will not go down well if they should know what predicament we are in.
Every penny will help, we do not have food and live everyday scouting around. We do not have money for electricity so we do not warm the water.
However the roof over our heads is more of my concern. It's almost Christmas and to have a problem like this now is very heartbreaking. I just want to secure the house I currently have and live happily until we can afford to buy a property. We have sleepless nights worrying about this place and our family.
If we can pay the outstanding amount to the landlord I think we can secure another 6 months at least. Luckily my husband has been to a few interviews including today and it sounds very positive. God Willing by January 2024 he will be working.
Again, every cent helps. God will bless you abundantly for your blessings on us.
Thank you all in advance.


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