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#67give Learning in Reach : Mandela Day

#67give Learning in Reach : Mandela Day

Personal message

This Mandela Day (18 July) I have a challenge for you.
Less than half of children in South Africa have access to a quality preschool education. This
plays out in our poor education results. 8 out of 10 children in Grade 4 are not able to read
for meaning, and the true matric pass rate is 39% of children entering the education system.
Financing of early learning programmes has lagged well behind that of primary and
secondary education. Investments in primary and secondary education will not see the
intended returns if we do not ensure that young children enter school with the foundational
skills needed to learn.
While this may not affect you directly, it has a significant impact on our economy and a long
term influence on our social system including levels of poverty and crime.
YOU and your 67Give challenge can help change the trajectory of our children’s lives, and
that of South Africa!


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  • "Mandela day 67 :)" - Sarah de Villiers


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