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Legends & Legacies: The Story of a Community

Personal message

My name is Mark Wade from Johannesburg.  I'm producing an 8-part TV series titled Legends & Legacies: A Story of a Community that documents the history and contribution of South African Jews to our country.  It's a mammoth undertaking, covering more than 200 years, with the finished length estimated at 7.5 hours. I have been working on this project for the past four years, with the last 12 months dedicated to researching and writing the script, and with the shooting almost complete, we're facing the looming task of editing and sound mix.

Who were they, where did they come from, and what did they do?

In this fascinating, 8-part documentary TV series, Alan Swerdlow, our creative director, takes us on an entertaining journey through the history of the South African Jewish settlers, and the contributions they've made to our country.

Legends & Legacies: A Story of a Community creates an awareness of our people and their involvement in the socio-economic and political development of South Africa. Taking us right back to the 15th century when the Portuguese seafarers first rounded the Southern African coast, through to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries when the Dutch and British East India Companies landed in Cape Town, to what we are accomplishing today.

Our ancestors arrived bereft of belongings, escaping pogroms and exiles with only a little knowledge of the local languages, and yet, as today, possessed an indomitable spirit.
Follow us as we take you on their journey, those first Jewish pioneers, who set an example for the Jews living in South Africa today.

The Kirsch Family Foundation has donated generously to the creation of this TV series, and with your additional support, we can ensure that our legacy in lives on for future generations.

The objective of our BackaBuddy campaign is to raise additional funding for the monumental task of editing the hours and hours of material we have filmed for Legends & Legacies: A Story of a Community into an 8-part/7.5 hour TV series. Our first round of funding allowed us to travel the length and breadth of South Africa to capture the video material and interview community members, and now we have to edit it down into a broadcast format for international distribution.

Generously donated funds will be utilised towards finalising the 8-part documentary series which promises to be an epic journey throughout the Jewish history of South Africa.

Please follow our progress here.

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  • Feb 16, 2020 - USD $ 13.46
  • "Looking forward to the release" - Anonymous

  • Feb 05, 2020 - USD $ 67.67
  • "Look forward to watching " - Charmaine Touyz

  • Jan 23, 2020 - R 1 000.00
  • "I wish the entire team well on this exciting project." - Mark Wade


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