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Online Publication For the Marginalized Voices

Online Publication For the Marginalized Voices

Personal message

I intent to open/start an online publication platform (The Voiceless) in the form of a website which will among other things:

Receive opinion pieces and research papers from ordinary people (students, learners, school drop outs, members of the working class etc.) for publication. This opinion pieces can be on almost every subject: from sport, art, politics, music, finance, and the economy.
Publish adverts about products and commodities sold by street vendors, students and young entrepreneurs; and
the publication of  Public lectures.

                          WHAT IS THE POINT?

Well, the point is not to just read and write and leave it there but;
To propose solutions on the multifaceted challenges that confront our society – government and the private sector do not have monopoly on solutions
To spark public debates and shape public discourse and
To get people talking.

These funds will be used specifically for paying a website domain (host) – the cheapest one rating R 235 per month and to pay the person who will maintain it. The estimated monthly costs is R 450 and I may unfortunately not have that full amount every month as a student.

(Lehumo Sejaphala is a fourth year LLB student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, the founder and chairman of a non-profit organisation called the National Youth Intelligentsia (NYI).)

Thanking you in advance!


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 1 000.00

Lehumo Sejaphala Website Cause

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My name is Lehumo Sejaphala (23) from Limpopo but currently studying at Wits University doing third year LLB. I spend most of my time reading and writing, and I currently run an online personal blog where I analyse the socio-political issues in the country. The blog can be accessed on the following link: