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Lemon Tree Cause - Sharing Hope, Creating Opportunity

Lemon Tree Cause - Sharing Hope, Creating Opportunity

Personal message

Hi, my name is Jay. I am 22 years old and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lemon Tree Podcast is focused on recovery and sharing the message of hope to those still suffering in active addiction. Our objective is to lay out the options and assist addicts, who want a new way of life, get the treatment/recovery they deserve. This is the first step to welcoming change.

For a bit of context and brief insight into the current state of drug addiction, I've written a few paragraphs which I hope brings some clarity to the situation.

Drug addiction in South Africa is everywhere. From primary schools to churches and even to the runaway children battling it out on the streets. Our neighbourhoods are littered with drug dealers and without the aid of police officers and investigators, these dealers are left to pollute and corrupt the very society we've been building for 26 years. Drug addiction destroys families, it kills our children and it leaves us feeling unsafe in some parts of the country and sometimes even in our own homes.

From a very young age, children are susceptible to the availability and lure of drugs and alcohol. There's just no chance for a child who doesn't know better. And it doesn't end there, our wives and our husbands are affected as well, left to go on to the bitter ends not knowing how to ask for help.

And this passion doesn't stem from nothingness. I have my fair share of experience in active drug addiction.

My story begins at age 13. As simple as the act of smoking a joint was, it was the beginning of a downward spiral into the disease of addiction. It took me down a long and dark road of torment and unmanageability. I spent 9 years in active addiction. What started with weed progressed into an addiction to the popular drugs on the streets and to alcohol. I lived to use and I used to live. But there came a point where I was faced with life or death situations and I had to make the call for help. I entered the rooms of recovery and have been working a vigorous program with my sponsor for many months.

You see, I live in a reality where addiction is the norm and I'm starting to see that I'm not the only one affected by this norm. I look around and there are addicts in most places we go. My friends are addicts, some of them are even dealers too. And not to mention the few family members who are addicts suffering from this disease as well.

Coming into recovery changed my life. It gave me hope when I had none. It's given me a simple and clear way to confidently face life on life's terms without the use of drugs. I am alive because of my recovery. And having experienced the message of hope and the promise of freedom it's only fair to share that with others too and help them get a new way of life free from drugs, recovering from a lethal disease.

There are plently of options available to addicts. This campaign ensures that addicts are given access to these options and that recovery is then possible.

The Lemon Tree Podcast reaches our primary objective by sharing hope through stories and insight related to recovery, as well as through the blog designed to reach others and share helpful suggestions and ideas from recovery. Now, to carry out the second phase of our objective (creating opportunities for addicts to freely get treatment) we are calling on you. We cannot do this alone. It takes a community of people to welcome change and now the time has come where you can be apart of movement that will help save lives and possibly start to shape the next generation. We are known as people who help the helpless, who share hope where there is none. We are faced with a great opportunity and I believe that it is worth the try.

Help me give people, who are suffering from the disease of addiction and want a new way of life, get the treatment they deserve.

Every Rand that we raise here brings us closer to changing the lethal outcome many addicts face. By going into treatment/recovery, recoverying addicts get to experience and enjoy a new way of life free from drugs and alcohol.

With R100 000 we are able to get 10 people into treatment for 30 days, 3 people in for 90 days or 2 people in 6 months. This is a fantastic start to welcoming change. Your gift is greatly appreciated and it will go far into the lives of many people. A gift of any amount is welcome and appreciated. Thank you for being apart of change. 

I'm so excited to see us unite and welcome change!


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Hi, my name is Jay. I am 22 years old and I live in Johannesburg. Lemon Tree Podcast is focused around recovery and the objective isto help people, suffering from active addiction and who want a new way of life, to get the treatment they deserve.