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Family in need

Family in need

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Hallo good people. Today I come with a heavy heart in asking for assistance. I had no response to my medical assistance plea and are now humbly putting my pride aside to ask help in a personal way. Is there anyone, just one soul that would be able to assist us as a family. For the last year and a half we are staying in a room at my eldest daughter rental house. The flat we stayed in was sold and the new owner wanted to stay in her own flat. We could not afford accommodation higher than 5 a month and at the end of the day had no choice but to move in with the. It would have been temporary. Currently, things are bad. We dont have a bed, the one we sleep on we had to borrow, we dont have a fridge, only 2 plate gas stove and a washing machine, plus the clothes we have is all we own. We dont have luxuaries of tv and lounge suite either. Anyone is most welcome to come and see for themself. I have 15 year old, doing so good in school and having such big dreams of wanting to study further to become a doctor, while deep inside I dont know how I can do that for her as we do not even have a funeral policy. I initially asked assistance so that I can get my husband the proper medical help he deserves in the form of finances and a vehicle. Needless to say, we had no response. I know everyone in todays world is strugggling, trust me it is not easy coming on a platform where no one knows you and maybe think you are a chancer, to ask for help. Today I am asking for anyone that can assist with a shoprite voucher to get one months groceries / a second hand vehicle that you might have 2 off and dont need both, to consider donating one for us / a double bed we can call our own p a fridge, anything really, a deposit on a flat for us to feel human again and live on ouwr own / voucher for my daughter for things she needs for school. I know it is a long shot, but I can only try and pray. I thank you all for your time reading this. Blessings


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