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Gebed en hoop vir Leonie

Gebed en hoop vir Leonie

Personal message

My Name is Veronica and I am raising funds for my mother-in-law, Leonie, who is in desperate need of a brain operation. Her story started on the 26th of November, 2019.

She got up and got ready for work like every other morning. When she got to work, she started complaining of a terrible headache, so bad that she started vomiting. Her colleague got her into her car and rushed her back home. She then went to take nap, after which she never woke up after that nap.

We rushed her to the ER. After numerous tests we finally had a diagnosis - she had a brain aneurysm that had burst. Doctors told us that she doesn't have much time and she was rushed into surgery. They managed to drain all the blood and the pressure on her brain. The surgery was a success. Doctors were amazed at how quickly her brain moved back into its position, although she is still in the coma.

Her story is still not done - we received some bad news after the surgery. She has another aneurysm stuck in a very difficult place. This aneurysm needs to be removed immediately, as it is very life threatening. It can burst at any given moment.

We need this money as soon as possible. We are in a minus as we speak. We need to pay thee hospital R300 000 to make sure she stays in ICU until she is strong enough to be transferred to Unitas hospital in Johannesburg. This is the only hospital in South Africa that specializes in this kind of surgery.

Reaching my target will help my mother in law to see the future, and to see her 7 grand kids grow up. This will also insure she gets the best medical assistance.

All of the funds will be used to cover all her medical bills. Which by the 29th of November 2019 has totalled to an amount of R 500 000.


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

Leonie De Lange Medical Cause

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Veronica Wilkens is raising funds for her mother-in-law, Leonie de Lange. Leonie had an aneurysm removed from her brain, only for her doctor to find out that she has another one in a difficult to reach place.