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Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

Personal message

Letitia Mpameane (46) is the sole breadwinner for her family and they live in a single room rented house in Soweto, Johannesburg.

The family dependent on her are her 17-year-old son, elderly mother, her sister and her two small children. That is six people in one room - all on a monthly salary of R5600 p/m.

Letitia joined my mother's guest house in 2015 and was finally able to start saving to build a house. After my mother passed away in 2018, Letitia came to work in our business as an office cleaner.

In late 2018, she was finally able to start building her family home. Unfortunately, the money has not been enough to complete the home. She still needs to finish plastering, install the ceilings, and tiling. We would love nothing more for Letitia and her family than to realise their dream of a home to call their own and are asking for any donations, no matter how small, to help her achieve this.

She is building the house in the Eastern Cape and plans to move her mother and sister there and then move there herself when she retires.

*Funds raised will go directly to the relevant contractor and Builders Depot for supplies*


  • Apr 21, 2019 - USD $ 42.08
  • "Build it and we will come :)" - Susan

  • Apr 17, 2019 - USD $ 68.38
  • "All the very best to you and your family and I hope you reach your goal. " - Stephen Palmer

  • Mar 29, 2019 - R 1 028.20
  • "For an amazing woman - May your dreams come true" - 6th Dimension Marketing

  • Mar 15, 2019 - R 1 028.20
  • "Sooner rather than later" - Bal Eagle

  • Mar 15, 2019 - R 1 028.20
  • "Looking forward to seeing the photos of the happy faces of your family outside and inside your amazing new home :)" - Paulo

  • Mar 15, 2019 - USD $ 72.35
  • "Keep at it" - A Friend

  • Mar 15, 2019 - R 2 010.00
  • "Build it and I will come visit. Much love, Dris" - Diricilla Naidoo

  • Mar 13, 2019 - R 2 056.40
  • "Here's to you fulfilling your dream Letitia ;-)" - Giles, Hannah and Robbie Shepherd

  • Mar 13, 2019 - USD $ 73.29
  • "Nothing more important than a home for your family. Good luck." - Paulie

  • Mar 13, 2019 - USD $ 65.67
  • "Good luck Letitia! " - Kate Hogan

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Donations to date

R 11 749.04

Fundraising target

R 66 600.00

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We would love nothing more for Letitia and her family than to realise their dream of a home to call their own.

Please help us achieve this!

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