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Let’s get Bevan to the New York Marathon

Let’s get Bevan to the New York Marathon

Personal message

I am Bevan Oschger. Whilst travelling home from work one evening on my motorbike I was involved in a hit and run. This has left me with a severe traumatic brain injury. I am unable to work or drive but I refuse to allow this injury to get me down. I get up each morning to live another day with passion. I love life and want to inspire and motivate others.

Through many months of rehabilitation, I was referred to Justin Jeffrey for Biokinetics, Their aim is helping neurologically injured people reach their physical goals, helping a person realize their full potential, and regaining as much self-sufficiency as possible.

My mission was to walk to Cape Town to raise funds to pay for my rehab and medical bills, Justin suggested something even greater. Through Justin’s running club, Achilles, they invited me to do the New York marathon in November 2017. Achille's mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events. Their main objective: bring hope, inspiration and better the lives of people with disabilities, physical and psychological.

I want to give this invisible injury a voice, be an ambassador for TBI, to tell and show everyone that TBI survivors are as ordinary as the person next to you and that we have survived, we are strong and our fight is a difficult one but we will make it.

Please help me get to New York city with my caregiver to realise this dream.


Name Comment Date Amount
Keegan Hope this gets you to NYC. Love Cammy and Keegs Sep 19, 2017 R 1 000.00
Margi Best of luck ! Sep 16, 2017 R 1 028.20
Maria Pownall Go Bevan, Go!! X Sep 15, 2017 USD $ 11.44
Alison Moore Good luck Bevan! Xxxx Sep 15, 2017 R 183.85
Katie Cartwright Good Luck! Sep 15, 2017 USD $ 16.05
Bev Grant From one Bev to another! All the luck in the world, you can do it!! X Sep 15, 2017 USD $ 27.12
Monique Tomlinson-Lattimer You deserve all the joy and success. Keep strong Sep 15, 2017 R 1 028.20
Lou Jones Good luck!! Sep 15, 2017 R 200.00
Graeme Ripponden Go for it Sep 15, 2017 R 500.00
Sharron Worthry Good luck Bevan, you're an inspiration xxx Sep 14, 2017 R 200.00
Hannah Jones Xxx Sep 14, 2017 R 123.13
Tony,Kylie&Jasmine; Good luck with race, you can and will do it-from us downunder!! Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 40.00
Glenda Mederer Goodluck Bevan. You are amazing and an inspiration to so many. Thank you Sep 14, 2017 R 205.64
Kelly Haigh Good luck Bevan x Sep 14, 2017 R 102.82
Daisy clark Go Bevan! Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 16.00
The McGleenans Good Luck Bevan! Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 28.17
Helen drake Good luck Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 19.99
Marie Cavalier Well done Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 26.78
Jo All the very best Bevan!! Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 62.65
Kate Duffy All the best for your marathon run x Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 13.39
The Czainski family Super cause and best wishes from our family Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 35.22
The Wood Family Good Luck Bevan, we follow your updates via Nicole's page and have seen your inspirational journey. With so much strength and your family behind you I'm sure you'll succeed. Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 14.09
Emma Colman Good luck Bevan xxx Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 14.09
Winston Bevan good luck. I know you will show them a true champ Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 16.00
Jason hartman Run forest run Sep 14, 2017 R 2 056.40
Jen Holding thumbs for you and Ange X Sep 14, 2017 USD $ 80.00
Margie Wills Wood With love to Bevan and Angie from Margie, Brian and Darcy Sep 14, 2017 R 5 010.00
Beth Peterson Good luck Bev and Samantha! You guys will do great! Sep 13, 2017 USD $ 26.30
Natasha Oberholzer You are so brave & such an inspiration. Happy birthday Sep 13, 2017 R 510.00
Heidi Wishing you luck! Sep 12, 2017 USD $ 13.32
Colleen Fleming I really hope you get to New York. You are an inspiration. Good luck! Sep 12, 2017 R 518.48
Samantha Shirley Looking forward to running with you, Bev! Sep 08, 2017 USD $ 26.49
Jeanette Fiumenero My niece Samantha Shirley is going to be running the NYC marathon with you. You could not find a more capable and caring person to help you realize your dream. Best of luck! Sep 08, 2017 USD $ 50.28
Jude You are an inspiration Sep 04, 2017 USD $ 38.93
Kira You can do it Bevan!! Aug 31, 2017 USD $ 80.72
Stace and Jason Wishing you all luck, you got this and can do it!! Aug 14, 2017 R 1 028.20
Jess Howe Good luck Jul 28, 2017 R 170.00
Dale Cohen Good luck Bevan! Jul 24, 2017 R 500.00
Damian and Erna Run inspired Jul 20, 2017 R 1 000.00
Nics & Jules Cheering you on all the way. Jul 15, 2017 R 514.10
Anon Your "common" friend :) Jul 07, 2017 R 1 028.20
Rob and Jo Bartram Wishing you all the very best Bevan. You can do it x Jul 05, 2017 R 514.10
Gillie You will do this ... Jul 03, 2017 R 514.10
Michelle greenwood Best of luck Bevan! Jul 03, 2017 R 514.10
Mel greenwood thanks for your help this weekend Nicole. Good luck Bevan Jul 03, 2017 USD $ 15.32
Andy Ellison Good luck Bevan Jul 03, 2017 USD $ 38.47
Nicole Just a little for now more to follow !!!! Jul 03, 2017 R 205.64
Carrick clan Go get em Bevan!! Jul 02, 2017 USD $ 84.30
Elaine Molnar You are an inspiration to go Bevan! Jul 02, 2017 R 514.10
Addison family Proud of you ! So well done ! Go for it Jul 02, 2017 USD $ 80.63
Lauro & Lauren Lombardi You can do it! Jun 30, 2017 R 5 010.00
Barbara Gunther Bevan and Ange, you are an inspiration, keep going Jun 30, 2017 R 1 010.00
Kevin Good luck Bevan. Do it for the Lombardy Boys and Girls. Jun 30, 2017 R 1 028.20
Jen Both of you are such an inspiration. Jun 30, 2017 USD $ 40.20
Stuart Yates Good luck Boet! All the best! Jun 22, 2017 R 500.00
Richard Good luck Bevan! Jun 21, 2017 R 514.10
Jason Sklar You are truly an inspiration. We are all so proud of you. May 30, 2017 R 500.00
Stacey Bevan and Ang you guys are amazing. You will get to go to NEw York May 30, 2017 R 514.10
Linds Bevan, Ange, u r both amazing, truly inspirational! New York is the best! Enjoy x May 29, 2017 USD $ 81.41
Tanya dos Santos You and Ang are an inspiration to us all. Good luck with the training and enjoy the race. May 16, 2017 R 205.64
Steve Pile Great challenge Bevan! Go for it mate. May 14, 2017 R 514.10
Me Go for it Ang and Bevan-you can do it!!! May 14, 2017 R 1 374.02
Trent Gunther Go for it my brother , I know you can do this May 13, 2017 R 1 028.20
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I want to give this invisible injury a voice, be an ambassador for TBI, to tell and show everyone that TBI survivors are as ordinary as the person next to you and that we have survived, we are strong and our fight is a difficult one but we will make it.