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Get Liesel back on her feet

Get Liesel back on her feet

Personal message

My name is Xenita Van Deventer and I am raising funds for my landlord, Liesel Terry. I live in Pretoria.

After 30 years in the SA Military as Chief Petty Officer, Liesel lost her left leg and had to leave her job. She is also a mother of 2, with one of her kids still in school and a foster child also in school. Liesel is kind to everyone. She is just amazing.

As a military woman, being dependent on others has broken her spirit. Her dream is to return to service and to be able to do things on her own again with dignity and pride as she was taught.

Please help me help her so that she can be her good old self!

To see how hard she tries to do things on her own and struggles with this and to see how it breaks her is terrible. She is going into theatre on 1 July 2019 for further amputation as the hospital also did not amputate her leg correctly. The wheelchair that the military hospital supplied is broken.

I aim to raise funds for the following things that will change Liesel's life:

Wheelchair shopping bag: R800
VIVE Storage: R 900
Drive duel power stroll wheelchair: R9000
Bela Vita bath lift: R10000
Days rollator ( help with prosthetic): R 3000
3 different ramps: R11000
6 rails: R 8500
Rehabilitation petrol: R 5000
Home renovation to make it wheelchair friendly: R40000
Gloves for chair x2: R800
Prosthetic liners: R1000
Stamina magnetic rowing machine: R 4000
Water exit ramp (water rehab at home): R2000
Alps EZ Flex Prosthetic Locking Gel Liner: R 6000

With your help as a donor, CPO Liesel can return to service, and most importantly she will have her dignity and pride and will be able to do everything her kids need her to.

*Where possible, funds raised will go directly to the relevant suppliers*


  • Sep 20, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "Just for you" - Heather

  • Aug 20, 2019 - USD $ 34.07
  • "Look ahead Liesel don't loose hope " - Harry

  • Jul 25, 2019 - R 100.00
  • "Best wishes" - Erika

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Donations to date

R 1 140.06

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Liesel Terry Support Cause

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Xenita from Pretoria is raising funds for her landlord, Liesel Terry, who lost her leg and needs equipment to support her so that she can go back to military work.