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#Life4Lions - Phase 2 #WHWF #EthicalConservation - Giving Lions a Brighter Future

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R 3 516
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R 27 500

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Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is managing and funding a life-saving Project that will ensure that several captive-born lions are given a future at new forever homes. They can never be released, and have to be placed in sanctuaries. You can read more here.

The #Life4Lions Project entails certain Veterinary Procedures like Darting, Vasectomies, Veterinary care, Micro-Chipping, DNA sampling, Vaccinations and Health Checks, Relocation and Transport of several captive lions, to safe, ethical, forever home sanctuaries. It includes site visits to ensure compliance and suitability of all proposed sanctuaries, with associated fuel and travel costs.

(Here is a link to the VIDEO showing the Project Progress - we have successfully completed the first part of Phase 1, the sterilization of Rafiki and Hatari)
***New Lockdown and CoVid Regulations have severely hampered progress, but it looks like all is back on track now! Updated -25 Jan 2020***
Currently, the lions are in a safe, ethical, non-breeding facility, but their numbers are exceeding the recommended saturation levels as instructed by Nature Conservation. Consequently, we have received instruction from the Authorities to find the excess lions suitable forever homes, rather than risking the lions being euthanized.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation will be completing this project in stages, with the second stage ensuring the safety of another two magnificent male lions, as well as the transport of 6 lions to their new forever home.

Phase 2 also includes building 6 x travel crates for lions. (New crates cost +-ZAR12k each, and we'd rather spend that kind of money directly on the lions).

#Kijana (Boy) and #Lijana (Young) will be sterilized so that they cannot be exploited in the future.

All other required veterinary procedures will be done at the same time. The total cost for the SECOND phase is estimated to be ZAR 27 500.00 (USD 1 750.00).

The entire #Life4Lions project is geared towards ensuring the health of all the lions and making sure they have as happy a life as possible in suitable permanent, ethical sanctuaries.

We cannot save them all - but we can help these Lions. Will you help us make this possible?

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Phase Two of #WHWF's #Life4Lions Project is an important milestone in Giving Lions a Brighter Future, and preventing any possible future exploitation - providing 6 captive-born, parent-reared Lions with their forever home in a semi-wild environment with no human interaction.

How will the funding be used?

The funding will be used to perform vasectomies (and all other required veterinary procedures) on two lions, #Kijana and #Lijana, before moving them to their forever home, together with another group of 4 juvenile lions. Funding will further used to build 6 x Lion Transport Crates as per National Regulations, to ensure safe transport to their new homes. 

As always, we will show our supporters exactly what we are doing with their loving donations.

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#WHWF #EthicalConservation


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  • "You guys are the unsung heros of our land. " - Zen & James

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  • "What an awesome organization, I’m honored to make a recurring contribution for the next year. Thank you for your heartfelt kindness and valuable dedication. " - Mike Klingbeil

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  • "I want to help these talented people working on the ground with these babies. " - Caron Oliver

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  • "Good job and good luck, congratulations from Spain" - Antonio Rute

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