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Please help in paying Lihle Cooney's school fees

Please help in paying Lihle Cooney's school fees

Personal message

Inge is a Final year Hairdressing student at Centurion Academy in Klerksdorp. She has been studing now for almost 18 months.

She is doing very well and a passionate and very hard working student.

However, her study fees is in arears and now the Academy is not allowing her to participate any further in any tests or exams. She only have a few tests left to do and then her final practical exams in order for her to continue.

There is no bursaries available for hairdressing students and we just can't afford it to pay her fees in full. 

My husband was unemployed for a very long time and stuggled to get work from March 2020 since the Covid pandemic started. Due to this we had a financial setback that we could not recover from yet.

Because of the arrear fees she will only be able to qualify as a Hairdresser once her studies is paid in full.

She only has one month left on campus to complete her 18 months studies.

My heart is broken as a mother that we are not able to help our child fullfill her dream in becoming a hairdresser. She is so close and now her dreams is shattered.

We are very hardworking parents but at this stage we are really struggling financially every month.

If you are reading this, I want to ask if you would please open your heart and help my child? We would appreciate every sent that can be donated to help her.

All funds raised will be paid directly to the relevant institution


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Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

Lihle Cooney Education Cause

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I am running a homeless shelter and I am having a huge problem with one of the shelter beneficiaries. As everyone knows that the Covid-19 lockdown pandemic affected a whole lot of process. 

I am accommodating a family from the Eastern Cape and the mother is the the breadwinner with 4 daughters there is no father,the mother was working as a cleaner at a pub around the city of Pretoria,however until now this pub has not opened and she is still unemployed .

We as at the shelter have been assisting her with all essentials,but there is an issue with one of her daughters,she is doing matric at a private school and the issue is that the mother cannot pay her school fees anymore, and at this school they have dismissed her and she has even tried to commit suicide about this matter. We have tried alternatives to help her but we are failing she owes a total of R23 500 and without this amount of money there is no possible way that she can complete her studies.