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Make Gr 11 in 2024 a reality

Make Gr 11 in 2024 a reality

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We trust that you are all keeping well? We are desperate parents turning to you for assistance.

 We are the  proud parents of a gorgeous almost 17 year old (on 12 Feb 2024) young lady, that I have the pleasure of calling mine since I adopted her at the age of 14 months. My full circle story as I (Rika)  was adopted when I was 17 days old , and my fiancée (Nick) has been her "Engel" since she was 4 years old. Nick is a wonderful father and they are like "kettie en klip" 


 A little about our daughter, and as parents we might sound biased, but we have been fortunate to be blessed with a very caring , animal loving , creative (visual arts, drama and choir) strong willed and independent young lady. Not afraid to speak out when she feels that something, a situation or somebody is not being treated right. Being part of a mixed family she has unfortunately faced and triumphed some very ugly parts of our society. She has a moral set of values of such  a high standard that Thank God her previous school planted and watered the seed for. Gelofte Skool in Pinetown KZN will always be dear in her and our hearts.  She was a prefect in Gr 7 and captain of her age group and the First Netball teams. So many proud moments and we trust many more to follow.


 We moved to a small Agricultural area, called Lindequesdrift AH in North West  last year. We are about 30km from the nearest school in either direction. 


 Uprooting this beautiful  netball superstar of ours from the school that she was in  from Grade 1 to 9 was one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make. We are super proud for how she has accepted all the changes, eventhough we know she misses her friends , drama classes and sport dearly.


 We were fortunate enough to have been able to pay her 2023 school fees. She is currently  doing online schooling via Impaq and she is almost done with her Gr 10 school year. The self discipline that she shows on a daily basis is absolutely  remarkable.


We have unfortunately had a very tough year and amongst other issues as to not finding permanent employment... Falling behind on Debt and unforseen medical expenses we are under severe financial strain. It has reached the point that we cannot afford the online school fees for 2024 and deposits are now due to ensure a spot for her in one of the 2 Afrikaans classes. Please see attached quote from Impaq. 


We have looked at alternative schooling but none of the Afrikaans schools offer busses from our area  on a daily basis and the costs involved in boarding school makes this mountain even bigger to overcome. 


We also do not have other permanent residents that travel in that direction for work on a daily basis and definitely not in the school hour slots. 


We cannot let her miss out on let her education be left behind. But we are completely at wits end. We are not asking for any assistance for us personally but if anyone will be able to assist with her online school fees we will forever be greatful. We believe in " let go and let God" and we believe that He works through earth angels like you


  I have a temp job as cashier and thus only allowed to receive calls between 12 and 1 daily on my lunch break should you need to get hold of me. Alternatively WhatsApp is best. Emails I can only check after 5pm as I do not have Internet Access during working hours.


 You can email Nick cc’d herein as luckily he does.


 We pray this finds you well and that somehow you might be able to assist with a solution for our daughter as we would really not want her to be left behind and fall through the cracks specially as the situation we find ourselves in is out of her control.


 Hoping to hear from you soon.




Rika Herbst



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Make Gr 11 in 2024 a reality Campaign