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Lion 500 Challenge

Personal message

What is the Lion 500?

The Lion 500 Challenge is an effort to hike Lionshead Mountain in Cape Town 500 times by 31 December 2018. One man has been given this task to complete and donors can donate per hike or a lump sum.


Running up mountains for these 5 Charities:

  • Rape Crisis
  • Animal Rescue (Fallen Angels  and African Tails)
  • Chipembere Rhino Foundation
  • Depression SA
  • WSAR (Wilderness Search and Rescue)



Why do I do it?

The hikes up Lionshead are for those who's power was taken from them, or have had lost it during life's events. It is a way to avenge those who suffer in silence, the humans and the animals. 

The Lion 500 Challenge is an effort to inspire people from all walks of life to get back to what humans were designed to do. Be a collaobrative part of nature. As a human beings we are meant to take care of eachother, inspire eachother and empower eachother and use this combined strength to do the important thing and take care of other beings around us; humans, animals, plants and the elements which connect us all.  

We are not only here to exist, but to fight for and empower humans and animals around us. We need each other. No person is an island. I have dedeicated to do the most simplest thing and reconnect with nature by going up a mountain 500 times. Along this journey I have come across animals, humans, plants and the true miracle of nature which is to bring peace back to the human spirit. To cut through all the materials we have become depended on and learn to trust and depend on eachother.


What an amazing journey this has become...educational and life changing.

I invite you to join me and beome part of the Lion 500 journey.


An Adventure With A Cause


Donors are elgible to join on a hike up Lionshead during any Lion 500 event.

To see how Kosta is doing please follow the progress via Facebook and watch him upload a photo of every summit on Instagram via the @thelion500 account.

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Name Comment Date Amount
Georgios Michaelides Salute! Mar 17, 2018 R 514.10
Aretha Keep going kosta Mar 13, 2018 R 110.00
Christopher Heaney Why climb Lions ahead any other way #Kosta@lionshead500challenge Mar 09, 2018 R 500.00
Warryn Keep it up man! Amazing work :D Feb 27, 2018 R 510.00
Dwayne Happy birthday bro! Keep the legs moving and thanks for setting such a great example! Feb 23, 2018 R 308.46
Kim G Nothing short of admirable Kosta! Feb 12, 2018 R 514.10
Duncan McMillan Thanks for an unforgettable experience Kosta and your personal commitment to the community. Feb 11, 2018 R 308.46
Anonymous Nice one Kosta. Keep up the awesome work! Feb 10, 2018 R 5 000.00
Taahir Osman keep inspiring.... Feb 07, 2018 R 510.00
Lauren Medcalf Well done Kosta! Appreciate you taking care of the mountain and the people you see along the way each day. Feb 05, 2018 R 400.00
Julie Scott Great idea, keep up the good work Feb 05, 2018 R 200.00
Elias Vrohidis You are the change that you wish to see in the world! Feb 02, 2018 USD $ 26.65
Mandy Meyer Stay Strong :-) Feb 02, 2018 R 102.82
Kiveli Keep up the good work! Feb 01, 2018 R 407.74
Christina Thanks for all your help on the mountain last night! Feb 01, 2018 USD $ 44.42
Carol and Donald Borland It was a pleasure to hike with you Kosta. Thanks again for your help Jan 31, 2018 USD $ 43.33
Miriam Mannak Keep going Kosta! Jan 30, 2018 USD $ 20.00
Katya Soggot Look forward to many a lioning with you this year Kosta Jan 18, 2018 R 514.10
YiorgoZ Great initiative. Jan 12, 2018 R 1 028.20
Andrew Inspirational! We need more people with your dedication and perseverance and empathy Jan 11, 2018 R 117.21
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Donations to date

R 13 509.56

Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 865.00

Lion 500

Lion 500 Logo

The Lion 500 Challenge is an effort to hike Lionshead Mountain in Cape Town 500 times by 31 December 2018. One man has been given this task to complete and donors can donate per hike or a lump sum.