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Blik skud wedding

Blik skud wedding

Funds Raised:
R 500
Fundraising Target:
R 15 000

Personal message

Hello everyone!

So me and my fiancé are getting married on the 18th of November and we don't have the privilege of having a bachelor's party, so we decided to make a little "blik skud" wedding fund raiser! With a traditional wedding, the future bride and groom normally "blik skud" on the day of their bachelor party. "Blik skud" is when you literally use a made can/tin and stand at a four way traffic light and shake-shake your can/tin to raise funds for your wedding. The only problem is that we stay in a rural area with literally no traffic lights and almost no shopping centre's otherwise we would have went to "blik skud". If we raise all the funds needed, we will be able to pay the venue and food, so that our big day is made possible! Anyone who wants to throw money into our "blik" is welcome! We appreciate it deeply and dearly❤️
Thank you for the support
Lionel & Chaunte


  • Oct 19, 2023 - R 500.00 Fees covered
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Fundraising target

R 15 000.00

Donations to date

R 500.00

Blik skud wedding Campaign