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Life saving surgery

Life saving surgery

Personal message

My name is Desire Mills. I am raising funds for my sister, Lisa Hagemann, who has recently undergone an operation in which both her kidneys were removed.

About 2 years ago, Lisa suddenly went into kidney failure, which took us all by surprise. Tt has been an uphill struggle from then on. She has been hospitalized more times than I can remember, having undergone numerous surgeries to have kidney stones removed so that they could save her kidneys. Lisa went in for a major operation last year which resulted in septic shock.

After about 10 days, she was discharged but the sepsis remained in her system for a long time after. This again led to infection after infection and she was admitted monthly thereafter for treatment.  However, after having had so many infections the treatments don’t work anymore, and she is now resistant to all forms of anti-biotics.

As a result of this, dialysis three times of week has become a necessity in order to perform the usual functions of healthy kidneys. The only way to move forward was to have both kidneys removed to stop the kidney stones from forming.

Raising the funds will give Lisa the chance to live as comfortably as possible on dialysis and once reversal surgery is done, she will be able to receive new kidneys!  


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Fundraising target

R 80 000.00

Lisa Hagemann Medical Cause

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Desire Mills is raising funds for her sister, Lisa Hagemann. Lisa has had to have both her kidneys removed due to recurring kidney stones which resulted in sceptic shock. She currently goes for dialysis 3 days every week.