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Little Lovebug

Little Lovebug

Personal message

Our daughter Rania was born 10 September 2012 and suffered Periventeicular Leukomalacia at birth. She was further diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Rania is unable to do most things that a typical person can do. She is unable to walk, talk, crawl or feed herself.

She is 6 years old and in her 6 years, she has had consistent physiotherapy and also started speech therapy in 2018. She loves therapy and is very excited to do her exercises.

It is clear that our Little Lovebug is eager for some independence and at times it is difficult for us to understand what her need is at a particular time.

We are raising funds for her ongoing therapy costs as well as to help purchase an Eye Gazing Machine that will help Rania learn to communicate with us and help her to do so. This will be such a help to Rania as she wants independence and understanding.

Special Needs Children like our Little Lovebug are inspirations to us. They teach us the meaning of true happiness.

We are trying to raise funds on a continuous basis. The funds will go towards the eye gazing machine that can cost approximately
R40 000 and also toward the monthly therapy costs.

*Funds raised will be administered directly to the therapy and eye-gazing machine bills by Backabuddy*


  • Jul 18, 2019 - R 781.43
  • "All the best and we salute your courage and her willpower and excitement " - One parent to another

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R 781.43

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R 20 000.00

Rania De Vries Medical Cause

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Rania (6) suffered Periventeicular Leukomalacia at birth and was further diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Her parents are crowdfunding to help cover the ongoing cost of her therapies and to purchase an Eye Gazing Machine that will help Rania communicate.