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Lizwis MWF Competition

Lizwis MWF Competition

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Fundraising Target:
R 40 000

Personal message

.Lizwi is the middle child born between two brothers. She is a lovely young lady who lives and breathes drummies. She started participating in the sport in Grade 1 and marched her first competition in Grade 2, in 2017. She was one of the Juniors who made history for the St Dominics Saintees team, winning nationals for the first time in junior history. Although she was very timid when she started, her talent has always been evident. She has since blossomed into a very defiant young lady. She enjoys the respect and support of her peers due to her level of passion and talent in the sport and mostly her ability to bring “the vibe” to the team. She has proven herself to be highly dedicated and a team player. In 2022, she was the subbie-leader for her school's junior team. As a subbie-leader, she created a lot of the displays that were showcased at the national competition hosted in Polokwane. Because of the great work she did in creating formations and displays she has been asked by the Junior Coach to assist the current junior team in preparation for the 2024 competitions. Not only is she assisting her own school team, but she has also been involved in assisting a newly formed team in the marginalised community of Reiger Park. She has been assisting them during her school holidays, in creating displays and teaching the athletes mace and baton skills. 

Lizwi’s father has tried all he can to make Lizwi’s dream come true but circumstances beyond our control have proven it very difficult to achieve this in the short period of time left. Should there be any means of financial support for our drummie-star we would highly appreciate it as a family.  Funds will pay for her flights, accommodation and ad-hoc costs such as uniforms and consumables.


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

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Lizwis MWF Competition Campaign