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Lockdown SA Feeding Outreach - Cape Town

Lockdown SA Feeding Outreach - Cape Town

Personal message

For the remainder of the Lockdown, we aim to provide 300 meals a day for our community that are homeless, elderly or too young to provide for themselves.

We know how many people within our community are on the streets without access to a basic meal. It's painful to know people are wondering their camps starving. We would like to lessen the impact of waiting for a meal.

The funds will go directly to preparing the meals. Each meal will cost around R10, which will total R3000 a day.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 45 000.00

PWR Project

PWR Project Logo

PWR Project's Vision is to Embracing diversity to achieve social empowerment. Informing, uplifting and supporting the youth within our community through solidarity; to bring an end to bullying and discrimination.

We aim to reach this by creating awareness around bullying and discrimination through PWR Project protest photos. These photos are there to express one's support for the organisation, as well as share ones personal experiences to relate to potential supporters as well as to give support.