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London Edinburgh London 2013

London Edinburgh London 2013

Personal message

An amazing cycling adventure

If cycling 1230 km’s from Paris to Brest and back to Paris in 2011 (81 hours) was not insane in itself, I (together with five other fellow cyclists from South Africa) am attempting the London-Edinburgh-London ride starting from Buckingham Palace on the 28th July (07h00 RSA time). 

I will be part of a group of 1,000 riders from 33 countries who will cycle 1448 kms (plus 8kms to get to the start!) from London to Edinburgh and back again in under 116 hours.  My personal target is to finish the event somewhere around the 95 hour mark.  They say if you can complete the Paris Brest you can do anything.  A good excuse to try an event that is even longer.  Here’s hoping the weather is kind and I have done enough training!

We will be riding through some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain, and will rely on self-sufficiency, camaraderie and the hospitality of hundreds to complete an epic cycling challenge. 

There’s someone very special that I would like to dedicate my cycle ride to.  Her name is Melissa and she is the daughter of very close friends.  Melissa was involved in a car accident which left her with traumatic brain injuries and over the years Headway Gauteng has provided the most amazing support for her, her family and others who have been similarly afflicted.  If you are able to make a donation towards this worthy cause I would be most grateful.

If you feel the urge to track my progress through the event you can do so by clicking on the following link (My number for the event is L43)

Many Thanks



Name Comment Date Amount
Harry & Claire le Roux Thank you for supporting Headway - a very special organization Aug 08, 2013 R 200.00
Ann Coe Thanks for supporting Headway Aug 07, 2013 R 100.00
Phil Pam and Amy Crowsley A fantastic cause and enjoy the ride... Aug 06, 2013 R 500.00
Rogan Priscilla Harriet & George Sounds like a great ride. Enjoy it. Aug 06, 2013 R 500.00
Bill and Charlotte Armstrong Hope the ride has gone according to your plans and well done for attempting it. Aug 05, 2013 R 200.00
Jackie Hutchins Well done Aug 02, 2013 R 100.00
Rob, Barbara & Alex Better late than never Aug 02, 2013 R 500.00
Clive & Marietha Fagan Great cause, great idea - enjoy your ride Aug 02, 2013 R 200.00
Alison Beck Hope you had time to see something of Edinburgh Aug 02, 2013 R 500.00
Shamila Chiman Well done Nigel!! Aug 02, 2013 R 100.00
John B Wishing you well in your last hours on this arduous (and completely bonkers) effort! What an inspiration and for a great cause too. GL Aug 01, 2013 R 500.00
Marianne What a wonderful effort Nigel, both cycling that distance in so little time and the cause you are supporting Aug 01, 2013 R 200.00
Dave Biddulph Rooting for you Nigel, I take my hat off to you for doing this, and supporting a noble cause as well.! Jul 30, 2013 R 300.00
Terry Lucas Nigel, so proud for you, and wishing you a successful ride. love T&3 Jul 30, 2013 R 500.00
Rhoda and Rupert Well done, you are doing amazingly well, keep it up! x Jul 30, 2013 R 350.00
clive pickford Great cause, we admire you Nigel Jul 29, 2013 R 1 000.00
Andrew and Russ Thinking of you all the way Jul 29, 2013 R 300.00
Artemis Galatis It's the courage to continue that counts Jul 29, 2013 R 500.00
Caitlin and the Gevers Menagerie Like all training there is a treat at the end of it!!!Go Nigel Go! Jul 27, 2013 R 500.00
Granny Balcomb Keep going Jul 27, 2013 R 500.00
Rob Good Luck Nigel, Enjoy the ride Jul 27, 2013 R 500.00
Adrian O'Sullivan Seriously Nigel, you need to think about getting a bus pass!! Jul 26, 2013 R 1 000.00
Dobbie Go! Go! Go! Jul 25, 2013 R 100.00
Jill Ovens Have a wonderful time!! Jul 25, 2013 R 200.00
Nicholas Mason-Gordon Good luck Nigel Jul 25, 2013 R 500.00
Bill Reilly Go for it Nige! Jul 24, 2013 R 200.00
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R 10 550.00

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R 20 000.00

Headway Gauteng (The Brain Injury Association)

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Headway Gauteng is a registered charity organisation dedicated to offering various support programmes to survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their families.

The vast majority of our injured members have sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, sporting accident or assault. We also assist survivors of acquired brian injuries such as stroke or tumour. These people have led a full life up until the brain injury, which has caused permanent changes to physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes.