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Cancer Remission Health Concerns

Cancer Remission Health Concerns

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R 10 000

Personal message

My name is Lorraine im a mommy of 3 beautiful children. In 2017 i was diagnosed with breast cancer and i felt like my whole world was falling apart being just 27 and diagnosed with invasive carcinoma. with the help of my friends and family i underwent treatment for 6 months on August 4th, 2017, i had my mastectomy and it really felt like my womanhood was just taken away from me but i had so many complications and spent more time in the hospital and emergency rooms than being with my family. in 2018 i had a major surgery and received what is called a tram flap, everything was looking so positive and good I learned how to walk again and stand up straight i was able to see my children on a daily basis again. but as time has gone by i started noticing that something just isn't right i started to experience pain on a daily basis and the DR told me this was normal as my body needed to adjust. In 2021 i got pregnant with my lastborn who is now turning two but the pain i experience every day is just starting to become unbearable. my hope is to raise enough funds to be able to go to Prof Carol Benn and get a full exam from her and make sure that my cancer has not returned. raising these funds would mean the world to me as i will be able to have answers on why I'm in constant pain and find a solution on how to make it go away. 


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R 10 000.00

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Cancer Remission Health Concerns Campaign