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Emergency rebuild of personal transport

Emergency rebuild of personal transport

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Personal message

Good day all. Hope you are well? My name is Louwrens Venter.

On 2 July 2023 I was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver and my car was written off. My 2 week old baby boy and girlfriend was with me in the car when this happened.
With the grace of God my son didn't sustain a single scratch or injury. My girlfriend sustained some minor internal injuries and bruises but luckily she was able to make a full recovery 3 weeks later. I on the other hand was not so fortunate. I broke my wrist and clavicle as the impact zone of the accident was on my side. You could say I took one for the team.
After having some metal plates and screws surgically implanted I was also able to make a full recovery 4 months later. I still have some stiffness in my wrist but I am able to make use of my hand. 
At that stage I was temporarily employed as a driver for a company that does industrial laundry and after the accident I wasn't able to continue with my duties as driver and the company had to let me go.
I am part of a Subaru club (SFC - Subaru Fun Crew) and after the accident a very kind and generous group member was able to sponsor me with a replacement body so I can rebuild my car. Another kind and generous group member was able to give me a temporary job at his company. But at the moment I have a challenge of getting to and from work so some days I am not able to get to work. And as we all know. No work no pay. The salary is a good thing but am not able to continue with restoring the vehicle.
The body that I have to rebuild only needs to be resprayed and some work needs to be done on the engine after the accident. Luckily the body has been primed and it now just needs a fresh coat of paint then I can start transplanting from my old car. 
We are currently staying on a farm between Centurion and Harties and without a car it's a challenge to get to the shops for food and stuff needed for the house. And with a now almost 5 month old baby boy it's also a big risk staying so far from town. Should anything happen at any time we will not be able to get to the hospital or doctor in due time in the case of an emergency. 
This is why I am starting the back a buddy fund so we can respray the car so we can start rebuilding the car and have some peace of mind and that I can be able to get to and from work so I can provide for my baby boy and girlfriend. 
Kind regards,
Louwrens and the team...


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Emergency rebuild of personal transport Campaign