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Assist Luke

Assist Luke

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Fundraising Target:
R 30 000

Personal message

Hello everyone I trust you are well. My name is Joel I stay in the suburb suburbs I've a friend who is a very humble loving person. Always assisting those in need especially people sleeping on the streets where he gives food and hot drinks out to the less fortunate. Motivating and encouraging people always putting a smile on people's faces. Their are even times when he sits and share a meal with those on the streets. Basically he does charity work but due to a accident that his car was in there's only certain places he can go currently he takes a uber to get where he needs to be to give out food etc. We as his friends and some of the neighbors would like to raise funds for his vehicle to be fixed so that he may continue doing the works that he does which is helping the less fortunate even driving them to the hospital when needed especially elderly people that calls upon his service which he does not charge at all. His someone that will go an extra mile for the next person. So we would just like to raise funds so that he may continue to excel in what his doing for the people. Never complaining always giving his last. He would rather go and sleep hungry than to see the next person not having anything he would give his plate of food or empty his mother's cupboards to help the next person. His currently 27 years old and I've never seen such a young person determined to help those in need. So we are just raising funds for him to have his vehicle fixed so that his on the road again continuing doing what he does. He doesn't know that we are raising funds for him to have his vehicle prepared. The funds raised will go straight to him so that he can be mobile again. I would like to thank you all in advance in helping him getting his vehicle repaired. As helping people has always been his dream. 


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

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