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Personal message

Dear Donors

My name is MD Edwards a devoted husband,  father and a part - time musician. I am passionate about music. I am currently on a learship program at a Cape Town based law practioner. I wish to successfully complete a certificate in paralegal studies and hopefully become a legal practioner in the very near future. I do receive a small stifen, but extra inearning potential from regular gigs would be a tremendous help. Earning an income would not only allow me to feed my family. This will also help paying towards my tuition fees. 

After losing all of my musical gear, I am literally starting from scratch.  I have 60 - 90 days to raise an anount of R47 000 for the purchase of musical equipment. 

Fundraiser Campaign for M6 Gigstar.


Kindly see below time line.

Fundraiser Campaign for M6 Gigstar.

Kindly see a below fundraiser time line:

Required Amount : R47 000

Start Date : 15/01/2020

End Date: 31/03/2020

Depending on the final outcome and    success of this campaign. I commit myself to be fully transparent at all times. All information will be made available upon request by all donors.

Impact of donations This campaign will allow me to generate an income  .  I will as direct result I will be in a better position to actively contribute towards the economy. 4. How will funds be used? All funds received will be used to acquire the following musical equipment:

1. Top of the line Yamaha Bass = R19 000
2. Hartke Bass Amplifier = R11 000
3. Boss Multi Effects Pedal = R13 000
4. Shure In-Ear monitor headset = R3 000
5. Instrument Cables = R1 000

All invoices, and (POP) are available to all donors upon request. As a philanthropy I will continue to donate a percentage (% ) of my income to various charities.



Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 47 000.00

MacDonald Edwards Music Cause

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My name is MD Edwards (48) a devoted husband and part-time musician. I am passionate about music. I am currently unemployed and would like to continue gigging on a regular basis. This would allow me to feed my family and actively contribute to our economy. After losing all my music all the equipment I have to start from scratch... I have only 60 days to raise the amount of R45 500 Rand to buy myself decent musical equipment.