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Malcolm T1D Warrior

Malcolm T1D Warrior

Personal message

My name is Debbie Minnaar (38). We live in Langebaan. Ian and I got married when we were 19 years old. We were high school sweethearts. My husband went to the Navy to be able to study. I worked and studied part-time. We really worked hard to get an education.

I struggled a lot with my health and spent more time in hospital than out. We lost 9 babies 6 pregnancies. We decided that God had a different plan for us. We waited 8 years on the adoption list so we started to Foster Care.

Our first girl was Ruby (She blessed us richly) She were with us for 6 months. Then we had Gavin for 6 months (he was HIV exposed and had sleep apnea) really serious little boy, we learned so much from him. Then we foster cared Riaan (who we adopted and he became Malcolm Isaac Minnaar) Then we had Stefanie (whom we adopted too: Mishca Minnaar.)

Malcolm was firstly diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and ADHD. At 6 years old he got whooping cough a month later he went into DKA and we found out he is a Type 1 Diabetic. We fought very hard for his life.

After that we fostered another little girl Nina she was badly raped, it was a very hard road. She stayed for a year we taught her so many things. Talking about her bring me to tears.

Malcolm has resonantly been diagnosed with functional Autism too. We need help.

Our need for funding is for medical devices and treatment for my Type 1 diabetic son.

My son needs help, and our government is failing children. My son is on a device to give us warnings about his readings and we just can't afford it. He needs to go onto an insulin pump. We as a family are struggling. We are up all night with Malcolm and at the hospital almost once a week. Somehow we just need a break. Some nights his alarm goes off up to 42 times. I stopped working and is homeschooling my two children. My hubby works so hard, but we just can't get to give Malcolm everything he needs medically. My daughter is always with us up and down to the hospital. She needs to do something for herself, fun, horse riding, netball, dancing or anything that makes life worth living. Malcolm too, But we will have to try a few things to see what will work for him. So that he can know that life is not only about painful injections and hospitals.

The longer we wait the harder it is for Malcolm. He needed the insulin pump yesterday already. With the Autism he gets very aggressive about the injections. Which makes life very hard.

He needs a transmitter...the one he is on expired December already. So it isn't working properly. And that is playing with his life.

Funds will be used to procure an Insulin Pump with all its consumables that consists of test strips, tubes, needles, and sensors.

The donations will help improve a difficult disease by managing it with first class medical devices and help the kids see there is more in life than diabetes.

*Funds raised will go directly to the relevant medical institutions*


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Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Malcolm Minnaar Medical Cause

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My name is Debbie Minnaar (38). We live in Langebaan. Our beloved adopted son Malcolm is diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and Type 1 Diabetes. We need help to cover his medical costs.