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Manger Care Centre

Manger Care Centre

Personal message

The Manger is an NPO organization and it started in 1986 and solely depends on donation whether it is money donations or food donations. Unfortunately with the lockdown due to the COVID-19, a lot of monthly donors have closed their businesses. which has had a huge impact on the Manger Care Centre.

We are currently housing 250 people and these beneficiaries range from the elderly to the disabled to the destitute.  We as the Manger have a vision and mission to make sure theses beneficiaries are housed, in a warm bed and given 3 meals a day.

The impact that this campaign will have on the Manger is that it will enable us to get funding (Money or food donations ) we will be able to see our vision and mission through these hard times.

The funding will be used towards essential services, for example electricity and water, Rent and maintaining the buildings.

Funds raised will also be used towards buying medical essential for example Masks, Gloves and hand sanitizer. also, some of the most essential items that we can not get are toothpaste, toilet paper, and meat.
the funding will really help us get through this extremely tough time at this moment.


  • Apr 18, 2020 - R 100.00
  • "God bless you for the good work! " - Suzette W

  • Apr 08, 2020 - R 500.00
  • "Keep up the good work guys. Stay positive and thank you for the wonderful work you do for the community. I also have clothes that I am going to drop off at HQ." - Heather Geere

  • Apr 06, 2020 - R 100.00
  • "Thank you for saving my life. I hope my very little donation can help on some way." - Lolo

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Donations to date

R 700.00

Fundraising target

R 200 000.00



The Manna Soup Kitchen was initiate as a feeding scheme in the Daveyton and Etwatwa communities and later converted to a program to include more of our vision to upliftment empowerment and self-sustainability.  This increases the scope of the services delivered to pre-identified entities. 

The initiative is to distribute food to feed children in the various centers and mentioned areas. Manna Soup Kitchen provides the basic, but well-balanced meals to over 1600 black children in various creches, daycare centers, and early childhood development centers throughout Daveyton/Etwatwa areas. Once a week, we go out and provide the basic supplies and ingredients for meals that are cooked on-site by the beneficiaries and therefore delivered in raw component form.  Thereby ensuring that 1600 children are fed with a warm nutritional meal daily.