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Man's best friend

Personal message

They say that a dog is a mans best friend, And if you want loyalty you should get a dog. But for someone like me who have been hurt emosinally and having a hard time to understand all that have happend, and together with other problems including some bad decisions I made in life. Having a dog can also help me recover from some of those problems and replace some of that feelings of hurt and beign broken with that of joy and love

I want to be that person I once was and not let that what have happend to control my life and my mind anymore, I want to go back beign that person who use to love beign around people making them laugh and enjoy one of the most valuebale gifts life can give us, wich is people andyour family, and your friends. But to that I will need a friend, someone who I can trust. A Friend that will always be happy to see me even if I am not feeling so happy about myself, and expet me for who I am as a person, and not judge me by my cloths or shoes I wear. That will force me out of bed in the moring, who wants to love and be there, by myside and let me be me. That is why I want to get a dog.......

But what makes this solution to my problem even better is that I can even work with my best friend everyday, Beacuse of the industry I work in, I can have my friend by myside every single day, Helping my the surounding communities in crime prevention and ther projects. And this is where I will need your help

I have been trying to get a Belgain Malinois (Malinois) somethimes classifieds as a variety of the belgain Shepherd dog, beacuse they are easy to train and also a very intelligent dogs breed, used by many law enforcement agaecies and militaries around the world, even the Kruger National Park have been using them to fight the war against rhino poaching, and have had many susscess with them

READ: South Africa's K9 Killer receives highest PDSA honour for saving rhino

My new friend can cost me anything from R 5 000 to R 15 000 for a small puppy, And beacuse a lot of money will be investied in him or her, It is very important to by a puppy from a know and respected breeder or trainer. To be able to work with him/her I also have to go on some training that can be around R 25 000, so I can get the knowlage and skills to look after, train and serve my community. And maybe even have to pay for a trainer to help me with the unknown.

I have done a lot of reseach and spoken to experts and the amount I need is far out of my reach, And that I why I am asking you forhelp, To please help me get a K9 and all the required traing. I really want and need this not just only for myself but, To do what I enjoy doing and that is to be around people and working in the community proving security and protection services and any project to help uplift and and develop it. 

I will also start a YOUTUBE CHANNEL and build a website, where I will post video and pictures from the start on all the project and adventures me and my new friend experience, So that others can learn m9re abut dogs, or maybe in the future this type of project could help others who also experiensce some kind of abuse phsyical or emosionally, who lost someone close to them or who needs to lean how to love again or just need a friend. I will appricate any help I get and will mention you on my website and youtube videos, to show how greatfull I am, And who knows, Maybe you will even need the help of me and my friend one day 

Here is a link to a website that I found that is very similiar to what I am hoping to achive, You can also read more about how dogs are helping the fight against rhino poaching and some of the cost involve DOGS HELP COMBAT RHINO POACHING


Donations to date

R 3 000.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 3 000.00

Stephan Rossouw's K9 Cause

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Since the beginning of this year I have been trying to raise enough money to buy a Belgian Malinois K9 and pay for the training needed to become a tracker dog.